Wikileaks Supporters cum hackers launch a fresh attack on Paypal

9 Dec
Muhammad Ali

It seems that Anonymous, the hackers group who are all for Wikileaks, have had a change of plan. Their plans of attacking Amazon have come to a halt as they have set a new goal of taking down Paypal.

Paypal Attack

Here’s the tweet from the hackers group:

Everyone’s attacking port 443 right now. So keep firing at#Paypal. #ddos #payback #wikileaks

As always, DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are being used as the primary weapon of taking down the widely used Paypal. Paypal has gotten itself on the hot seat for suspending WikiLeaks account which was major source of fund for the secretive site.

The Anonymous group have initiated an operation which they are calling Operation Payback, the primary intent of this is to launch DDOS attacks on groups who have suspended their services to the whistle blowing Wikileaks.

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  • Alwaysbeanon

    This is not a hacking operation. Anon is engaging in direct, non-violent protest, a virtual sit-in.

  • RomanL

    Idiots! WikiLeaks is NOT attacking PayPal; the Anonymous is doing it.

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