For a layman ‘Usability’ is the synonym for the ease of use associated with something. The more user friendly a utility is, the greater is its usability. With respect to software and Operating systems usability is the Key to success. The recently launched and highly lauded Windows 8 OS is being critically assessed by experts  for its usability drawbacks. For the common user currently planning a shift from their old Windows 7 this may come as a setback.

Experts say that whether you’re a novice to the Windows interface or are a loyal Microsoft geek the interface is sure to give you a hard time to begin with. While the company has boasted a lot about its tiled interface and horizontally scrolling start up screen the active live tiles can often me misleading and mind boggling specially when  you’re engrossed in your work and are timely in need of a particular app. Regretfully all you’ll see is a bunch of images tiles without the name of the app itself. You’re left with no choice but to point to each tile to check whether it is what you were looking for or not.

Critics stress that only for the sake of maintaining individuality and integrating the GUI of the Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 OS Microsoft has sacrificed the convenience of the user. The name ‘Windows’ critics say, has now become a misnomer as the OS now supports only one single window with all the tiles lined up on it.