World’s most expensive Blackberry phone – $240,000 BlackBerry Curve 8900

28 Sep
Mansoor Ahmed

I just came across a post at they have claimed the World’s most expensive BlackBerry available to date. It’s a diamond encrusted BlackBerry Curve 8900 priced approximately $240,000 USD. This diamond BlackBerry is designed by Alexander Amosu and the device features solid 18-carat yellow gold and encrusted with 4,459 diamonds which is about 28.43 carats of gold.


The device is a limited edition; the designer plans to sell only three, one of which has already been purchased by a mysterious “client in the Middle East.” Included in the price is device personalization with your name as well as 24 hour global concierge service focused on “accessing the inaccessible”.

The new Amosu Curve 8900 could have your name all over it.

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