11 Best Android Cleaner Apps 2023 to Clean the Junk Files

You must take care of your android device. These days, many people spend a lot of their time on their smartphones and because of that, smartphones have to suffer. People have phones with big storage capacity now but that doesn’t mean that it won’t get affected if the users keep on downloading different things. People must keep their devices clean, the cache, the app data, all of them make the device slow. Some people manually clear out the cache of every individual application but, that is a time-consuming task. Not everyone can do that hence people just let their phones get stuffed with unnecessary data.

This can reduce the performance of the device. It’s not good for your device, so change this habit. In this article, we will talk about how you need to take care of your android device and some best cleaner app for android 2023 that can help you in doing so. You will also understand the cache data and why it is stored by the applications. Nothing is useless, there is a reason why things happen behind applications. But, all of that might not be useful for you and, what is not useful might hurt the health of the device.

Cache Data: Should You Keep It Or Delete It?

Many people debate on this topic, should cache data of apps be kept or deleted. People give some reasons to keep it and, then many say that there is no need to delete it by using a junk cleaner. Both have their reasons. Here, when we are mainly concerned about the performance of the device we are using, it is a different scenario. Let’s understand what is a good option here by knowing more about it.

Have you ever thought about why does the application that you install behaves a bit slow the first time it is opened? It is because it has to fetch all the data from the server and that is a process that takes some time. These days the speed of the internet and the architecture of applications and servers have reduced the time it takes. Still, it is not as fast as it is when you open the application consecutive times.

android cleaner and booster 2022

Now, to understand what we talked about in the last paragraph, we need to understand what cache data is. It is nothing but the files, images, text, and other multimedia files that are stored on the device when you open an application or a website. The data is stored after the first time you open that app or website. This data is the reason why the application or the website doesn’t take as long to open the next time. Most of the data is fetched from the cache memory itself. 

The cache data of the applications are stored in the physical memory. This data can be big depending upon the type of data that is present on the application. It is something that will take up space on the device. In most devices, cache data takes up a fraction of the total storage space. This affects the performance of the device as well. There are many application cache cleaner for android that people can use.

Should You Keep It Or Delete It?

Now, the big question is whether you should clear cache data or keep it on your device. This mainly depends on what type of data it is and if the data is important. For example, if it is the data of some application that you use for some serious purpose, then you may keep it. Otherwise, you will have to wait every time you open the application because it will load everything again. But, if there is some application that you use when you are bored or something that doesn’t have sensitive data, you can clear the cache every few days.

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Another point that you need to carry from the last line is that it is necessary to clear cache every few days. Cache gets stored every time you open the app and, the more you open it the more cache gets stored. Some applications make a cache of everything that comes upon it. This can be in 100s of megabytes or even in gigabytes. Hence, to save your precious space and keep the device running smoothly, you need to delete the cache data now and then. Some people clean the cache manually and, some use a cache cleaner.

Some Tools That Can Help You To Clean Your Android

All the below tools have been personally used by us and, they all are great. Users can select the one they think will be suitable for their device, their needs. Some of them are just cleaners and some are boosters as well. That means that the android cleaner and booster can even improve the performance of the device. That performance increase is not just by removing the junk but also by optimizing the settings of the device and removing the load of the RAM of the device. Most of the time, the device is loaded with performance that is not even necessary.

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Many people don’t even know why the battery of their device is getting exhausted so fast, so they blame that the hardware or the device is not strong. That can be one reason but, it can’t be the only reason. The way applications behave in the background affects the battery and performance of the device a lot. To make sure that the device keeps on running smoothly, try one of the top 11 cleaning apps for android and see the change for yourself.

Top Android Cleaner Apps for 2023 to Remove Junk Files

  • SD Maid:

SD Maid - junk cleaner

The name might look odd but, the services that it provides to the user are great. Just like the name suggests, this application works as a maid for the smartphone and cleans all the junk that is created by the applications. It can also find the application as files and suggest the users delete them if they are not used. The application also tracks the use time of an app, and if some app has not been used for a long time, it points it out to the users. These things help users to understand which apps they should keep and which they shouldn’t. This is one of the best android cleaner apps that help you keep clean your device.

Google Play Store Rating:- 4.4
Downloads:- Over 10 million
Install Android:- SD Maid – System Cleaning Tool

  • Norton Clean:

Norton Cleaner

This is one of the best android cleaner 2023. Norton is a trusted name and they have an antivirus that is used by people for years. Firstly they were all about desktop apps but they are now creating a great name in the smartphone apps as well. This application can clean the junk and cache data, and it can also optimize the apps so the device can perform better. This is one application that people can trust without having to check because of their past applications.

Google Play Store Rating:- 4.6
Downloads:- Over 5 million
Install Android:-Norton Clean, Junk Removal

  • Nox Cleaner:

Nox Cleaner - cache cleaner app for android

This application has over 50 million downloads. Now, that is not a small feat to have. The cleaner is smart. It understands the type of files, how much the files are used, and if some apps are using too many resources or are taking up a lot of space. It can also identify duplicate copies of some files. All of them can be deleted upon confirmation by the user. This is something that makes the app great. Also, it optimizes applications as well so that the device can run at its best. This is one of the best cleaning app android.

Google Play Store Rating:- 4.5
Downloads:- Over 100 million
Install Android:- Nox Cleaner – Booster, Master – Phone Cleaner

  • CCleaner:


This tool needs an introduction. The legendary phone cleaning application has been there since there were only a few users of android smartphones. This app has continued to impress people with its smart features and, with every update they got better. They are the ones who stood the test of time and competition. Never did they give up seeing so many big players entering the same market like them. They just worked harder and kept going. This is also one of the reasons why they are still the first choice of many users. This is one of the best cleaner app for android and the most trusted as well.

Google Play Store Rating:- 4.7
Downloads:- Over 100 million
Install Android:- CCleaner: Cache cleaner, RAM cleaner, Booster

  • Files By Google:

Files By Google

Where Google comes, trust is not an issue. This file explorer app from the internet’s biggest search engine company, Google is used by many people. The app allows users to access, modify and analyze the storage on their device. This application also provides them with the option to delete the files that are taking too much space. If the users don’t want to delete the big files, if they are important files, then they can move them to another device. That will also increase the space. This might not be the best android app to clean phone, but it certainly is the best when you look at it as a complete package.

Google Play Store Rating:- 4.6
Downloads:- Over 1 billion
Install Android:- Files by Google – Clean up your phone

  • Droid Optimizer:

Droid Optimizer for android files

You might have searched “cleaners for android phones” earlier as well and there are high chances that you would have seen this one. The best part of this application is that it doesn’t show you ads like others. That makes its interface easy and clean. This is one feature that makes it better than other applications. It also helps in optimizing the performance of the device and cleaning unnecessary files from the phone.

Google Play Store Rating:- 4.2
Downloads:- Over 1 million
Install Android:- Droid Optimizer

  • Cleaner: 

phone cleaner

With your permission, the ace cleaner can remove cache files, temporary files, and some other junk files from your hard drive. This is an ace when it comes to cleaning junk files from your smartphone. The application also comes with a booster to help optimize the performance of the device. It reduced the background interaction of the applications and put some apps that are not important to sleep. This takes the load off the RAM and improves the performance of the device. This is a great cleaner app for android devices.

Google Play Store Rating:- 4.6
Downloads:- Over 10 million
Install Android:- Cleaner – Phone Cleaner, Memory Cleaner & Booster

  • AVG Cleaner:

AVG Cleaner - phone cleaner app

Without any doubt, this can be termed as one of the most trustable apps AVG has made this just the way they make their antivirus. They always keep the users’ interest forward and, then they keep things that give them money. Many features on the application provide benefits to the users like duplicate file cleaner, performance optimizer, etc. This is one of the best apps to clear cache android.

Google Play Store Rating:- 4.4
Downloads:- Over 50 million
Install Android:- AVG Cleaner – Junk Cleaner, Memory & RAM Booster

  • Wondershare MobileGo Storage Cleaner:

Wondershare MobileGo Storage Cleaner

Easy and effective, yes, this is just like their video editor, Filmora. Wondershare ever leaves any stores unturned when they are developing a product. Users can nominate this app for best junk cleaner for android 2023 and, this might even be a winner. This app is a great help when users want to free up their phone’s storage.

Google Play Store Rating:- 4.2
Downloads:- Over 1 million
Install Android:- MobileGo (Cleaner & Optimizer)

  • 360-degree Booster and Cleaner:

360-degree Booster and Cleaner

This is another popular cleaner and booster application. They were at a time the best cache cleaner app for android, so they still have got great features and they are improving their application. Its interface provides the users with a great experience for cleaning their device and boosting its performance.

Google Play Store Rating:- 4.7
Downloads:- Over 1 million
Install Android – 360 Cleaner – Speed Booster & Cleaner Free

  • 1 Tap Cleaner:

1Tap Cleaner for android

This is not just a cleaner but also a great optimizer. You can find this one in the best android optimizer 2023 as well. The app provides an easy interface for cleaning the cache, duplicate files, and unused apps.

Google Play Store Rating:- 4.5
Downloads:- Over 5 million
Install Android:-1Tap Cleaner (clear cache)


There are so many free cleaning apps available on the play store. These applications are getting better as the requirements are increasing. Applications these days take up a lot of space and keep using the device resources even when they are not running. Though, android makes sure that this problem is reduced with every update. In their last update, they made changes to providing location access to the apps. Now, the users can select “only when the app is open” access to the applications. This means that the app can only fetch location data when the application is open. 

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If the application is not open, it won’t access the location and, it won’t take up the battery that fetches location all the time. Every phone cleaner app 2023 that is mentioned can be used to clean the device space in multiple ways. Some of them also allow you to boost the performance of the device. It is better to choose the one that you think will fulfill your requirements.

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