10 Best Macbook Air 2021 Cases And Sleeves You Can Buy

You’d be smart if you had a MacBook Air, to make sure it’s safeguarded. The aluminium airframe on the laptop tends to help maintain stability and light, but if that metal gets scratched or punctured, the MacBook Air will not look almost as nice. That’s where you can get a MacBook Air 2021 case, skin, or MacBook Air 2021 sleeves. MacBook Air cases will give your device better security, helping to keep it safe in case of falls, scratches, dents, and other disasters. So instead of your expensive MacBook Air, when the worst occurs, the case can bear the brunt of the accident.

List of best MacBook Air Case and Sleeve 2021

  1. AmazonBasics- 13.3 Inch Macbook Laptop Sleeve

AmazonBasics- 13.3 Inch Macbook Laptop Sleeve

No need to blow the bank for a standard sleeve because you puff your entire budget on the MacBook Air itself. The absolute best between cost and quality, a no-frills sleeve made of soft, stretchable neoprene, with a single top zipper, is this Amazon offer. The sleeve does have space to move with the MacBook Air inside.

Also, there is no clasp or handle, regrettably, so you’ll need a completely separate bag. Still for the cost, this sleeve is well worth having a look. It is accessible in color options of Black, Blue, Grey, Navy, and Purple.


  • Top-loading, access zippered
  • Slender design to carry the necessities only or pack them in a bag
  • Form-fitting building of neoprene safeguards your laptop.


  • Size may vary.
  1. Shopizone Macbook Air Sleeve

Shopizone Macbook Air Sleeve 2021

Would you like a flashy sleeve for your flashy MacBook Air? Shopizone’s stylish accessory delivers a unique felt exterior that not only looks amazing but also soaks up shock. Using a soft flannel to retain the MacBook Air scratch-free during storage, the main compartment brings extra security. Also, on the outside, a second compartment can retain extra items like AirPods, a tablet, and so on. An iPhone and earphones may be held in two additional back pockets. And a very important and additional feature of a strap for carrying the laptop case. The left side is designed to store small gadgets. It has invisible handles.


  • Environmental friendly waterproof material
  • It’s impact-resistant inside, with no damage to your laptop
  • Thick soft felt to minimize attacks to your laptop
  • Velvet Cushioned Protection.


  • Zipper problems are occasionally reported.
  1. Amkette Multi-Pocket Macbook Sleeve

Amkette Multi-Pocket Macbook Sleeve

The Amkette appears to offer something a little different from the previous choices. 3 extra pockets, all in a stylish & compact profile, for your notebook, wireless mouse, phone, pens, and cards. It is described by the company as a sleeve, but also a protective bag. It’s not a messenger bag or a satchel at all but it provides plenty of protection, an easy way to carry it around, and a sleek design.

The sleeve comes in three sizes, supporting 13 inches to 15 inches of Mac notebooks. The laptop sleeve will also, as customary, support other laptops too. The sleeve is made from soft and environment – friendly materials and even provides some bump/shock protection.


  • Water Resistant, Dust Resistant
  • For convenience, multi-pockets
  • Soft inner layering to protect the Macbook/laptop
  • Anti-drop texture, portable/easy to carry
  • For corner protection, edge piping.


  • Strong chemical smells
  • Zipper problem.
  1. CCPK Macbook Sleeve

CCPK Macbook Sleeve

No need to look beyond the CCPK MacBook Air Laptop Sleeve if you’re looking for a dirt-cheap sleeve for your MacBook Air. It’s a straightforward, precision-cut sleeve that fits any 13-inch laptop, including the all-new MacBook Air 2021. The outer layer is composed of a special neoprene flex shell material that can withstand both water and stains. The inside is packed with padded sponge material that provides cushioning and prevents the aluminum frame from scratching. The zipper on this sleeve is powerful and after prolonged use, it will not break even. Note, however, that for carrying accessories, there are no extra pockets. It’s also a sturdy sleeve for your brand new MacBook Air.


  • Sponge-lined, padded sleeves that fit all 13-inch laptops
  • The neoprene Special Flex Shell can withstand both water and stains
  • Modular heavy-duty zipper with closed-seam design pulls.


  • Lacks extra pockets for accessories
  • Relatively less durable.
  1. Tomtoc Ultra Slim Macbook Air Case

Tomtoc Ultra Slim Macbook Air Case

So, do you like strong cases? Search no further than the MacBook Pro Tomtoc Slim Laptop Sleeve, then. This is not a simple model like any other one you will know. This provides a rubbery style that works together with a suede surface. There is a caramel color on the leather, while the suede comes with charcoal felt. They add a pretty sleek design together that you will love.

It is still a safe and conducive case to take into account. And sure enough, it doesn’t leave any liquids or drips to damage your devices. Finally, you can recognize the rear storage area that fits any smartphone, tablet, or even lights without problems. One of the most practical laptop and best MacBook air 2021 cases you could have consisted of all of this. And it comes with the unparalleled reliability that only Tomtoc provides, of course.


  • Along with a safe lid on top, you will get a magnet closure
  • A lot more space for storage than expected
  • Exquisite PU leather with suede design.


  • None.

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  1. MOCA Logo Cut Macbook Case And Keyboard Cover

Macbook Air 2021 Case And Keyboard Cover

While sleeves are great for the protection it does not add personality and customization to your MacBook. That’s why it is recommended you invest in a good case for your brand-new Apple MacBook Air 2021 case. Moca hardshell cases are wonderful if you want to add a bit of personality to your MacBook Pro. This case is a 13-inch MacBook Air Great Fit. The MacBook Air 2021 case and keyboard cover is simple to install and replace and uses a combination of soft-touch and hard plastic housing. It’s so translucent that you can show off your MacBook Air in all its splendour. It’s completely sold for safe heat disbursement, which would be great. And while many people prefer black colour, the case is available in multiple bright and neutral colours, so you’ve got options.


  • Heat disbursement feature
  • Multiple colour options
  • Added keyboard protection.


  • The keyboard cover can pose problems since it is not the same material as the laptop case.
  1. DBrand Macbook Air Case:

DBrand Apple Macbook Air Case. 2021

If you want to safeguard your MacBook Air while you upgrade your style, then DBrand is your best option. Dbrand’s contoured vinyl skins come in an incredibly wide range of styles, so you can determine whether you want to cover the upper edge, bottom, palm rest, trackpad, or any mixture of them. You can get the coverage you want and look at it. From plain colors to skins that mimic polymers like wood and stone, there’s a choice for you. The skins easily stick to your device without leaving any residue if you want to remove them eventually.


  • Multiple customization options
  • No adhesive residue
  • Protective yet stylish casing.


  • Cutouts could have been more precise.
  1. Case Logic Macbook Sleeve

Case Logic macbook air 2021 sleeve 13-inch

In an array of substances and finishes, Case Logic generates affordable laptop and MacBook sleeves. Because of the front storage pocket, people like this particular sleeve. It’s spacious enough to hold most battery packs, but you can stash a phone, a memory stick, or even a wireless mouse with it as well. There are two types of protection offered by the case as well as another 3mm layer of neoprene, there is a 3mm layer of foam. Add a plush suede interior to that, and you have an easy way to safeguard your MacBook from bumps and dents.


  • Handy extra storage pocket
  • Low price tag
  • Plush suede interior protects the laptop from scratches.


  • Limited colour options
  • It is reported that the zipper may scratch the laptop edges.
  1. Neopack Macbook Laptop Sleeve

The product is a complex accessory that utilizes imitation leather when hauling it to offer a padded and water-resistant layer around your laptop. The case has an organic leather appearance, but it feels much more plastic. At the budget price range for this sleeve, this is to be expected. But the benefit of repelling water comes from PU leather, which is nice if you live in a rainy region.

To keep it shut during transportation, the case has strong magnet closures. It also has a gentle suede interior to prevent your laptop from scuffing the case and to provide some limited resistance to impact in the case of a drop.


  • A truly customized cushioning system composed of Superior High-density Velvet Wearable Anti Fur Removal Material
  • The Water Repellent polyester material protects your device
  • The strong magnetic closure can prevent your laptop from falling off. The magnetic flap allows easy access to your laptop.


  • None.
  1. KAPA Sleeve Case For MacBook

KAPA Sleeve Case For MacBook

The Laptop Sleeve provides the best of both worlds for MacBook Air 2021 sleeve 13-inch, remarkable specifications and a comparatively low price point. The best thing about this sleeve is that it is available in only two neutral colors to give you the look you want. The sleeve is made of water-repellent polyester material and some splashes of water and light rain can easily be handled. Also, on the outside, a second compartment can hold extra items like books, a tablet, and so on. An iPhone and earphones may be held in two additional back pockets. With an additional smaller felt bag for carrying a cursor.


  • This MacBook Air 2021 sleeve case has a Premium exterior felt and internal faux suede
  • The small felt accessory pouch can store a mouse, headphones, USB cable, chargers, etc
  • The bag’s elastic band closure also is well stitched and tight enough to keep your computer safe.


  • Fleece material produces a lot of lint and can be a problem.

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A great instance of slim computing is the Macbook Air. The latest model by Apple is even more effective than ever but durability is sacrificed by the thin and light design. Fortunately, there are quite a few products from third parties that can safeguard your laptop. Consider using a case, cover, or shell to keep your capital expenditure safe. Above we have listed the best we think you’re going to love.

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