13 Best Phone Spy Apps For Android and iPhone in 2023

There are a number of spy phone apps that will meet your needs when you search for the best one. However, not all of them are secure – there are some that can also leak your files and activity logs. There are, however, a number of quality security apps on this list that also have multiple monitoring features. Everything is improving in technology, it can be said that the use of spy apps totally depends on the individual and can be ethical or unethical.

What Are Spy Apps?

One can easily infer the meaning with the name “Spy App”. But let’s dig deeper to know what actually this small software is in the world of technology. Phone spying apps are nothing but surveillance apps for smartphones. They act as a helping hand to track the activity of a device, generally a smartphone, on plenty of grounds. One can monitor the incoming and outgoing calls of a mobile phone, SMSs as well as real-time location with the help of best phone spy apps. These applications are unusually not detectable and the end-user might not notice the presence of a spy app in their smartphone.

Why use Spy Apps?

While some may view the use of spy software as morally questionable, there are numerous legitimate reasons for using such apps. These can include tracking lost or stolen phones, monitoring your child’s device and online activity, and tracking incoming and outgoing calls and messages.

With so many options available, choosing the best spy app can be difficult. In this article, we present detailed information on over 13 of the best spy phone apps currently available in the market. Along with the app names, we will also provide insights on performance, cost, and features to help you make an informed decision. If you’re looking for the best way to spy on an iPhone, look no further.

Before choosing a phone spy app, it’s crucial to be aware of the laws regarding their use in your region. Laws regarding spy apps vary globally and there may be restrictions on their use in certain areas. To avoid potential legal issues, research IT and technology security laws and carefully read the terms and conditions of the app before making a final decision.

what are spy apps & works

Another important point to be noticed is to check the reception of the application used. This means one must use an application that has great user ratings and honest reviews. You would not want to spend money on a spy app that doesn’t work, would you?

Always go for the apps that provide a simple interface, clear rules, convenience, and a solid user base. A study in the US and the UK states that the majority of parents wanted to have spy apps installed on their kids’ phones in order to track their whereabouts. While it is considered okay to spy on their children’s phones, spying on an adult kid’s phone can lead to legal repercussions. Therefore, as said, it is important to know the rules and regulations of the government before taking any such step. It will prevent you from getting the attention of the police or any government official.

Are Phone Spy Apps Legal?

Some of the best spy apps enable the user to install on any smartphone remotely without coming into physical contact with them. This feature varies differently in different applications but you may install these apps without letting the smartphone user know. If a person keeps an eye out for suspicious-looking apps on their phone, notifications, or even the ad-ware, they can know that their phones are spied on.

But when it comes to the lawfulness of an individual in association with such apps, it largely depends on the region or country you are living in. Installing a phone spy app into an individual’s smartphone without his/her consent or knowledge is considered to be highly illegal. If you try to do so, you might get fined heavily or even land in jail. Therefore, always try to make the best of these apps by using them only for legitimate reasons.

13 Best Spy Apps for iPhone & Android Mobile Phone

Here is the list of the best phone spy apps for Android and iPhones:

  • mSpy

If you are looking for the best parental spying application out there, mSpy is the one. It is one of the most popular spying applications recently launched. Due to its high performance and accountability, users from all over the world are loving this spy phone app. Although the primary use of this application is regarding parental monitoring, it offers some solid features that have attracted people to make use of it.


As we are talking about features, it will be safe to say that you will get all the basic features but not the advanced ones. One can monitor incoming and outgoing calls through this application. Additionally, SMSs can also be seen and monitored very easily via mSpy. If an individual has a mSpy app installed on his/her device, the app user can see their location in a real-time manner. mSpy also offers online activity tracking as well as multimedia file monitoring on smartphones. All these features come with a 7-Day free trial plan for users to analyze the functioning of the app. The user interface is quite simple with clear instructions of usage. It offers plenty of plans that include a monthly plan of $71.11 per month, a $39.92 per month quarterly plan, and a yearly plan of $16.97 per month. 

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  • SpyFone

Another very useful and interesting application for spying is SpyFone. Suitable spy app for Android and iOS, this application enables the app user to track calls, SMSs, and location with a plethora of refreshing features that distinguishes SpyFone from other apps. One of the most loved features is the panic mode. Enabling the panic mode made the user able to track their lost phone as early as possible. This is a fast and effective tool for finding stolen phones. Another feature is the reverse lookup feature that enables it to identify the owner of the phone number the individual is tracking.


Now, this is the coolest spying feature as it gets to reveal the identity behind a particular device. The interface is highly convenient and can be used with ease. Another extremely interesting fact is that this application is free to download and use for both Android and iOS users. SpyFone helps to connect a maximum of five smartphones (in the free version). One can log in and view the activities of those devices with ease.

  • uMobix

While other applications are stuck to providing call and SMS information, uMobix has already got up to the next level. This application enables complete access to the Facebook and Instagram accounts of a person easily. All you have to do is to enter your Facebook and Instagram IDs and click any of the buttons available there. By clicking buttons, we mean managing accounts, adding/ deleting followers, adding friends, adjusting settings, and whatnot. This app works perfectly on both Android and iOS. This means one can install this application on any device without facing any kind of difficulty. As of now, this app does not contain any bugs that can hinder its performance. It is not required to jailbreak into iOS devices in uMobix like other similar iPhone spy app competitors. The only prerequisites required are the iCloud ID as well as its password. Until the backup process is going on, you can start monitoring the device.


Additionally, this app comes with a whole lot of interesting features. This includes an online status indicator that tracks when a user is available online, app activity tracking, YouTube monitoring, real-time reporting for Android devices, and much more. It can be concluded that uMobix provides the highest value as per its price and is one of the highly affordable and easy-to-use spy apps in the market since its launch. This app is available for a free trial, and the plans start at $29.99 only.

  • FlexiSPY

Another popular app suitable for advanced and expansive spying features is FlexiSPY. If you are familiar with the spying world, you already must have heard the name of this app before. It is a very popular app that always makes it to the list of best applications in the history of mobile app spying. The innovative features of this app always make it the best spy app for iPhone and favorable to use and monitor any device/system remotely. The best thing about this application is that it is useful for basic things such as calls and messages. But on the other hand, it can also be used for highly advanced features, for example, hacking a camera as well as keylogging. This app performs extraordinarily even after carrying all these complex features. No extra effort from the user is required in its flawless functioning.


The Features of FlexiSpy include call recording and monitoring, social media recording, and monitoring. The advanced features include environment recording, geographical fencing as well as keylogging. If you need an expensive spying phone experience at an unbelievably affordable cost, this app is for you. However, unlocking its expensive features might hurt your pocket a lot. The lite version of this app costs $29.95 per month. On the other hand, the cost of the premium and extreme versions are $68 per month and $199 per month, respectively.

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  • Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is useful spyware for iPhone and Android smartphones that has the ability to provide a range of features such as smartphone tracking, video monitoring, and keylogging. This application is unique on its own as one can perform keylogging on both Windows as well as Mac. Video call monitoring is also available in plenty of applications such as Facebook, Skype, Viber, and more.

Hoverwatch - spyware for iphone

Hoverwatch also offers a lot of plans keeping in mind the personal and professional users in the market. The plan starts from a basic pack of $25.95 billed monthly for one device only. While on the other hand, it has a professional plan of $9.99 per month for one device. This plan can be installed on five different devices at a time. Thereafter a business plan is also available at $6.99 per month for one device. This plan works well for as many as 25 devices. The payment plans are varied, which made this app highly popular for spying and tracking purposes.


When it comes to the list of spyware applications for smartphones, XNSPY is definitely the industry leader. It is a great spying tool to keep a tab on one or more than one person. XNSPY is highly popular in personal use (for parents) as well as in professional use (for employers). It offers more than 30 useful features that have the ability to track almost anything and everything going inside a smartphone. Incoming or outgoing calls and SMSs can be tracked in real-time. Plus, you also get to monitor the GPS location of the device enabling you to track a person’s live location or find a stolen or missing phone.


One thing that distinguishes this app from any other spy phone app for android and iOS is its advanced set of features. This includes Wifi logs, WhatsApp monitoring, and more. With every passing day, XNSPY developers are adding new and interesting things to the app that are making it better in every manner. The constantly evolving nature of the app makes it suitable for long and reliable use. The customer support is super friendly, and they guide you step by step if any kind of difficulty occurs. Compared to the features, the cost is pretty affordable, which is $8.33 for the basic plan and $12.49 for the premium one.

  • Minspy

Minspy application is a clean and convenient spying app that makes the monitoring process way easier. It is undoubtedly one of the best spy apps for android 2022. The interface is so compatible that it makes the monitoring task for a device/phone/tablet almost 10 times simpler. Minspy helps the user spies on several devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. It does so with the help of a web browser. This means you don’t need to be physically present around the device to be tracked.


Like uMobix, Minspy also does not carry itself with the need of jailbreaking a specific device to install the application in it. If you want to use this app, it is not required for you to be technologically sound or advanced. With its clear instructions and simple steps, you can easily get your job done. It is a decent application capable of deploying all kinds of spying features on the device to monitor it efficiently. Its features include GPS tracking, call & message monitoring, Stealth mode, online social media monitoring, and more. The premium plan costs merely $9.99 per month. Minspy also has a family plan that costs $69.99 per month and can support as many as three devices.

  • SpyBubble

SpyBubble is simple yet powerful monitoring software. If you search for the top 13 spy apps for iPhone free, you will definitely find this one in the top positions. A very interesting fact about this app is that it is based on cloud computing technology. It is easy to install as well as monitor. This application comes with all the features that an individual can need from a smartphone spying application.


Not only in active mode, but this application has a decent record of working in stealth mode. Therefore, the user who has the device will never be aware of their calls, messages, locations and online activity tracked from a remote user. Additionally, the app has the ability to activate the camera of a smartphone and take pictures without even getting noticed by the concerned person. After the information is collected, all this recorded data can be sent and accessed. One can retrieve this data from a highly secure web-based account. In other words, Spybubble gives full authority to the device, and the smartphone user doesn’t get a clue about it. Along with incoming and outgoing calls and SMSs, SpyBubble can also record calls, track GPS, give remote camera access, and facilities like screenshot capture and reading Facebook and Whatsapp messages.

  • Spyier

If the favorite phone spy app of parents is to be listed, Spyier undoubtedly tops the list. It helps in the smooth monitoring of children’s online activity. This is the reason why it has millions of downloads all over the world. This app is effective for parents and also it has a great advantage for employers or individuals in any kind of relationship. Spyier supports all those features that one can need from a basic spy application. You can keep a log of calls, messages, and online activity of the person. Other than that, this app is highly useful in the location tracking of any stolen phone. It serves real-time location to the user so that they can find their missing device.

secure Sp app Spyier

Spyder boasts of giving complete protection to every user of this app. It does so with the help of stealth mode. The most interesting fact here is that the end-users will not be able to detect any suspicious activity even when the app will be running in the background and is forwarding the details of its user. Like other similar applications, Spyder also offers a premium plan for $9.99 per month for one device and a family plan for $69.99 monthly with three devices.

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  • MobiStealth

MobiStealth sells itself as the best spy app for android in the world. However, not only parental but it is equally effective in business and personal use as well. This application offers all the basic spying features to enable the user to monitor devices. It can easily monitor cell phone activity, track location, and do other basic tasks. In addition, this tool has the power to snoop into social media applications and track the activity of the smartphone user secretly. It passes information throughout the day without the need to root or jailbreak the device.


Highly compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS, MobiStealth is definitely a must-try app if one is trying to spy. The pro plan of this app costs $59.99, while the Pro X plan is $69.99. All the information stored is passed to a secure web-based account of the user throughout the day for a satisfying experience.

  • Spyera

Spyera is a spying app that enables people to monitor both PC as well as smartphone devices. It is a well-reputed and award-winning application and has some remarkable spying features. This application has included cell phone monitoring for better spying and to gain maximum information. Like other applications, this one is also a great choice for spy apps for iPhone. The interface and features of Spyera make it perfect to handle as well as control the activities of the smartphone user. It is hard to detect this app and is compatible with a variety of platforms. Its compatibility ranges from various devices to all the popular operating systems. The company provides a 10- day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the result.


Spyera is a smart application that makes it perfect for a try. Another immensely interesting fact is that the company tries to make the app available for all. It offers plenty of affordable plans to choose from on the basis of the device. The smartphone plan is $89 per month, while the tablet plan is $69 per month. On the other hand, the computer plan is offered at $49/month. You can also choose an All-In-one plan at $479 per month.

  • iSpyoo

If you are a businessman or a parent and you want to know what your kids or employees are doing through video, then you need to use this application. iSpyoo is one of the best-hidden spy apps for android 2022 for video monitoring applications on mobile phones. It can be used on both iOS and Android devices and that is something that makes it useful for all types of users. It is easy to install; and even easier to use.

iSpyoo - spyware for smartphones

Through this app, you can make smartphone spying really easy. One of the features that make this application stand out is its ability to monitor video calls. Yes, this application allows you to monitor the video calls on Skype and Viber and know what your children and employees are talking about. Though, this should not be done discreetly when it comes to the employees as it might call lawsuits. Capturing videos of your employees without their knowledge is unethical and illegal. They can raise the issue and in a way.

  • Spyic


Parents are the strongest customers for most of these applications. Even this Spyic application is targeted at providing them with information about what their children are doing over their smartphones. The app sells itself with the motive of providing parents with a tool to monitor their child’s phone call activity, social media presence, real-time location sharing, and much more. These are just a few things that are allowed by this app. You can know a lot more and make sure that your child is fine and is not doing anything wrong. Parents can get alert if they sense any unusual activity or find something that is not good for their child.

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All these spyware for smartphones have different features, and all work in their own different ways. Though, it is not a good idea to use these applications for anything that goes against cyber laws. Applications like these are used to help users in one way or another. There are some things that might be hard to understand initially, but you will get everything with time. If you are a parent and you want to check what your son/daughter is doing on the internet, you need to install these apps on their device and you can know whatever you want.

Though, it should only be used to keep them away from threats and dangers that are present on the internet. These are not meant to affect the privacy of any individual. There are many things that can be done with the help of these applications. You can make sure that your child is not watching anything that is not appropriate for their age and knows if they are lying about something. In this world, people target children and use them for wrong deeds. As a parent, you can make sure that your child is safe while using the internet.

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