Top 10 Fastest PHP Frameworks of 2021 for Web Development

The popularity of using frameworks is rising with the rising demand of online solutions that fulfil modern business needs. Due to this, the PHP framework app development has recently created a buzz in the market. However, the wide range of frameworks that are available in the market might get you confused in opting out the best for your requirements.

Worry not! This article is written with an aim to impart knowledge about the best PHP frameworks and its advantages. Also, the article covers the top 10 fastest PHP frameworks that are commonly used for developing web applications.

What Is PHP Framework?

Before we switch on learning about the top 10 PHP frameworks for web development, let us initiate by understanding the concept of the PHP framework. PHP framework is a platform that facilitates the creation of PHP web applications. What makes it a robust tool is the fact that it boasts a variety of pre-packaged functions and classes. The loaded libraries and software design pattern realization enriches the user experience towards accomplishing the purpose of web development.

It provides a basic structure that can be enhanced by developers by coding from scratch or integrating components from the existing libraries. There are various reasons that make PHP frameworks ideal for web development. Keep scrolling to discover a few of them in this article.

  1. It takes care of web development by eliminating the need for indulging in the repetitive aspects that are associated with web development.
  2. The procedures followed are tried and tested that eliminates any delay associated with inheriting any new experimental practices. PHP frameworks are loaded with essential features, tools and codes that makes it sufficient enough for speedy development.
  3. An astonishing fact about PHP frameworks is that it can support a variety of platforms that includes desktop web applications as well as mobile-based applications without biasing on operating systems.
  4. Reduces the chances of collapse as it is already mentioned the platform utilized is tried and tested not just once but with many projects.
  5. One important advantage of using PHP frameworks is that it eliminates the need for using SOL codes, allowing developers to use it with different databases without any hassle.
  6. After knowing about the advantages of top PHP frameworks, let us now have a look at the top 10 fastest growing PHP frameworks.

10 Best PHP Frameworks 2021 for Web Development

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This section covers the top 10 PHP frameworks that are relied upon for developing web applications. Make sure to read each of it.


Laravel is an effective open-source PHP framework that offers a high level of customization while creating web applications. Experts claim the platform is a popular alternative for fast-paced development projects that do not compromise with the security aspect of the web application.

It is a popular choice amongst the web artisans as the platform saves the efforts and enhances the convenience in the process of framework app development.


Symfony is a reliable PHP framework that has completed over 15 years of its journey of being a foundation framework for many web applications. It is said to follow all PHP standards and for this reason, is also popular as a PHP MVC framework.

The platform is a level above many best PHP frameworks that are available in the market and gives a tough fight to the above-mentioned Laravel. Symfony can be used in conjunction with other projects adding flexibility to the framework.

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Codelgniter was stated as one of the best PHP framework 2021 available in the previous year, i.e. 2019. The framework was first introduced in the year 2006 and has successfully powered tons of projects.

The features pre-built modules that simplify the coding and enhances the speed of app development, making the PHP framework an all-time favourite. Codelgniter is an ideal PHP framework that is user-friendly and convenient to use even for the beginners.


CakePHP is another open-source PHP framework that features an expandable architecture promoting a high level of customization. Being a CRUD framework, it supports easy to create, read, update and delete that makes the entire development process hassle-free.

The framework was launched in the year 2005; however, it has received regular updates that make the framework potent enough when compared to the recent additions in the market.

The platform offers an extra layer of security by boasting effective features such as CSRF or cross-site request forgery protection, input validation and XSS or cross-site scripting protection.


Yii boasts a relatively new programming network and is effective in developing the application of varied nature and purpose. The platform is flexible enough to incorporate new features like lazy loading in the development process.

Features like lazy loading are capable enough to reduce the lag experienced while loading and hence promoting faster loading time. The framework can be used in sync with other frameworks like Zend. Yii is loaded with security enhancements like SOL injection and cookie tampering that safeguards your web application from possible attacks.


Zend adopts an object-oriented approach in web application development that allows the developers to incorporate a variety of modifications depending on the nature of business. The community-oriented concept makes it easy to work upon. App functionality can further be extended by integrating Zend components for a more personalized experience.


Released in the year 2012, Phalcon is a well-equipped PHP framework that elevates the development experience as compared to other frameworks available in the market. It is structured using the C and Coo language.

It means, being a C extension, the framework eliminates the need for learning the C language before experimenting with it. The framework is not only easy to install but also user-friendly. It uses minimal memory space that eventually increases its speed and hence the effectiveness.

If you are looking for a lightweight yet feature-rich PHP framework for web app development, considering Phalcon can be a good option.


FuelPHP made its debut in the year 2011. The framework encourages not only MVC architecture but also the HMVC architecture. The advanced architecture allows the platform to showcase more than one page at a time.

The platform is constantly receiving updates that make it competent enough. If your business deals with data sensitivity that needs optimal security, considering FuelPHP for app development can make a huge difference.


Slim is a PHP micro-framework that can be used in developing APIs. The framework is easy to learn, making it a bliss for the beginners. The framework emphasizes creating simple and basic yet user-friendly apps. It shortens the learning curve that makes the platform easy to understand.


The seven years old framework is based on HMVC architecture that helps in creating high-performance web applications. The framework uses independent components that offer a high range of flexibility. The user-friendly PHP framework is a bliss to use even for the beginners.

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Wrapping up

After learning about the importance and some of the most popular PHP frameworks, the next thing that might hover over your mind is identifying a reliable framework app development company. Which excels in using the modern frameworks for developing and optimizing apps that cater to your requirements.

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