10 Best Social Media Marketing Certifications for 2023 (SMM Online Courses)

The internet has made a lot of things available to us at our fingertips. With the pandemic period continuing unabated and the majority of people staying at home for work and school, it is the best time to make use of this opportunity and learn new things every day. There are plenty of online courses that are guaranteed to give you the best social media certification in 2023. Many of these courses are available for free, while others might require you to register or pay for them. Nevertheless, these sources are sure to boost your skills for a better future. 

However, once you ensure that you have the time and money to enroll for an online course, the process of knowing which course to choose may become a daunting task. There are many well-known learning platforms such as Udemy and Coursera that offer a wide variety of courses, and while you can never go wrong with these, there are other not-so-well-known platforms as well that might be of interest to you. That is why, in this article, we have listed a few of the best online courses and diplomas to help you make an informed decision. 

Best Social Media Marketing Courses In 2023

Here are some of the best social media marketing courses that you can avail yourself of now: 

  1. Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing – Google

Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing Certificate Google

This course is offered by Google Digital Garage and is free for everyone. It is a course that teaches its students the basics of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, mobile marketing, social media, and web optimization. This course goes further into the depths of other advertising methods as well. It teaches how to optimize pages for search engines for free. This course has over three lakh takers over the globe and provides an in-depth understanding of various advertising methods like paid and organic search results, optimizing web pages, and other such online marketing concepts. Once the course is completed, you are awarded a digital certificate that is quite valuable for your resume. These factors make this course one of the best social media marketing courses available today.

  1. Social Media Certification – HubSpot

Social Media Certification 2023 - HubSpot

This course is one of the best free social media certification programs available today as it offers a variety of skills to its takers. It is offered by the HubSpot Academy and is an inbound marketing course. That means, it trains its students in concepts like brand loyalty and inbound marketing through social media, as well as how to attract customers and partners. The course also covers important topics like ROI, social media content creation, social listening, and extending reach. This course’s flexibility makes it easy for both students and employed individuals to take it as and when they can fit it into their busy schedule. 

  1. Social Media 101 Training – Boot Camp Digital

Social Media 101 Training Certification- Boot Camp Digital

This course is offered by the platform called Boot Camp Digital and is priced at $97. The course uses a video-led approach to teach the basics of digital marketing and social media marketing to its takers. It is a 6-hour long beginner-level course. The platform, Boot Camp Digital, is a well-known company in its professional field and has clients like Nike, NASA, and other such companies on its roster. That means, with this course you can learn about social media marketing from the best teachers out there. 

  1. Social Media Training For Beginners – Constant Contact

Social Media Training For Beginners - Constant Contact

This course is perhaps another one of the most valuable and best online social media marketing certification courses available today. It is offered by the platform called Constant Contact and is available for free. It is a beginner-level course on social media marketing that teaches essential concepts such as integrating email with social media marketing. It covers various social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube. This course is taught via videos, and on completion, provides ten blog posts that you can use as resources to refer back to. 

  1. Understanding The Basics Of Digital Marketing – HubSpot

Understanding The Basics Of Digital Marketing - HubSpot

HubSpot offers many single and full-length courses on its platform, and this is a single course. Amongst the many single and free online social media marketing courses with certificates that HubSpot Academy offers, this one is the most important. This course on digital advertisements teaches students how to integrate digital adverts into an inbound strategy. It teaches how to make digital adverts stunning and inviting on social media platforms. 

It only takes thirty minutes and five videos to finish this course. It is taught by one of HubSpot Academy’s product marketers. In the videos, the course gives a great overview of how digital adverts can be used effectively. HubSpot is known to keep things interesting for its users with interactive and diverse content, easy language, and a flexible schedule. This way you can squeeze the course into your busy schedule quite easily. 

  1. Diploma In E-Business – Alison

Diploma In E-Business Certificate - Alison

This diploma in social media marketing online course is free for all and is available on the platform Alison. It is a great social media marketing course because it teaches SEO tactics that are approved by tech giants like Google. Alison is a site that provides numerous online courses for free and this is one of the many courses that it offers. It takes around ten hours to finish this course. It not only teaches strategies to build a great e-commerce social presence but also how to optimize content for search engines such as Google. 

The platform provides a LinkedIn-approved certificate on completion of the course. There are over 80,000 takers for this course at present. Through the course, you are provided training on Google Ads, keywords integration in social media, and other skills that are relevant to the current social media trends.

  1. Social Media In A Noisy Online World – Skillshare

Social Media In A Noisy Online World - Skillshare

This course is as interesting as its title. It is offered by Skillshare for free for the first two months. This course introduces its students to several concepts like social strategy and (SMM) online social media marketing certification for 2023. It also teaches how to make creative and impactful content for clients on social media. Skillshare gives a two-month trial period in which users can try out as many courses as they wish and then decide if they want to pay for the course. This is a positive feature as it takes away the pressure of trying out new courses. 

  1. Social Media Marketing Course – Hootsuite Academy

Social Media Marketing Course Certificate 2023 - Hootsuite Academy

This course gives an online social media marketing certification to its students and is freely available on the platform Hootsuite Academy. It is a beginner-level social media marketing training course. With this online course, the platform takes you through a full social media strategy,  while also offering social media marketing software for some big clients. The course also teaches you how to grow an online following and engage with audiences of various kinds. 

  1. Digital Marketing Courses – GenM

Digital Marketing Courses Certification - GenM

This digital marketing course is offered by the platform GenM. It is a great course because it teaches its students how to build relationships and networks in the industry. This course is designed more like a college classroom course. It is completely taught online and takes ten hours a week for three months to be completed. Though the course is of longer duration in comparison to the other courses on the list, it is definitely worth the effort. On completion of the course, you would have learned some great social media practices. An added advantage is that the platform helps connect its students with verified business owners and you get one-on-one mentorship from these industry giants. 

  1. Social Media Marketing (SMM)- Udemy

Social Media Marketing Certification- Udemy

Udemy is a well-known platform that offers a number of courses. They also have a lot of social media marketing certification online courses. This is one such course consisting of different levels, from beginner to advance. It is not free and costs $20. However, the payment allows you lifetime access to the course. The course has around 30,000 takers as well as some great reviews. It teaches many important concepts such as the basics of social media marketing, blogging, content building strategies, using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for marketing, et cetera.

Udemy also has a Masterclass course for social media marketing training, offered at the same price. Once paid for, the course is available to you for a lifetime. Unlike an introductory course, this course provides  Masterclass training on subjects like ethical marketing techniques for digital platforms and so on. This course is great for brushing up on social media marketing skills and is the most beneficial when coupled with Udemy’s other courses. 

Summing Up

These are some of the best online paid and free social media marketing certification courses available currently. With these courses, the basic concepts of social media including social media marketing, content creation, digital marketing SEO, keywords, and social media integration of keywords can be easily learned.

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Many of these courses are free while others are not so the requirements keep on changing with time. In the case of employees, for instance, online courses may be offered by the companies themselves to boost the skill-set of the staff. That way most employees would be able to enroll in the paid courses as well. Some platforms like Coursera even allow colleges, universities, and companies to set up their accounts so that online courses can be made freely available to the students and employees of these organizations. Such schemes allow online courses to open wide avenues for all. So, all you need during this pandemic is a good internet connection and some free time to nourish your skills. With social media marketing course certificates under your belt, a plethora of job opportunities will open up.

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