Go vs Rust 2023: Performance Speed for Web Development

The world is changing, and so is the technology in world. It is getting tough for programmers to stick to one programming language as every year a different programming language comes up. Two languages that are trending in web development are Rust and Google Go. Both have their own benefits and characteristics and it isn’t easy to choose between them. There are many parameters on which they can be judged and then the companies or the developers can decide which one of them is more suitable for them. It is important to have proper command over a web development language to excel in the industry. A top-class developer is one who can do the work with the best possible programming language in the best possible way. 

Using a language that is outdated or does not have all the important features will only increase the burden on the programmer. It is better to learn the language that helps the programmer to make the websites as better as possible. According to a recent survey, Go or Golang holds the maximum part of the market in terms of the preference for web development. Python and Rust come after it, but that does not mean that Rust is not as good as Golang in 2023, it also has some amazing features.  Below are the various aspects on which these two are compared. It mainly depends on the requirements of the industry and the developers need to be aware of them at all times. This guide will help you understand the difference between the performance of Rust vs Go for web development.

Programming Language “Rust”:


Rust is comparatively newer than Go. This programming language came into existence in the year 2010. It is very new and has improved a lot in a short time. According to current trends, this programming language comes 3rd after Go and Python. This is in competition with big programming languages like JavaScript. There are many reasons why it is one of the languages that programmers now prefer for web development. It is the fastest-growing web and normal programming language. This language has many features that allow developers to do what cannot be done with Go. This is an easy, fast, and safe programming language.

It is becoming one of the languages that developers want to learn all over the world, the reason being its features and characteristics. There are many web programmers who have completely switched to Rust. This programming language has its own share of advantages and disadvantages, and they are mentioned below:

  • Benefits of Using Rust:

    • Faster than Golang and many other web development languages
    • It has a good customer support system
    • It can very easily be integrated with C and other languages
    • Is very rich in terms of patterns and syntax
    • Developers can save a lot of time in debugging and testing of the website or web applications
    • Abstraction can be done at zero cost
    • This is one of the safest languages in the world
    • This is a language that has features and other tools to develop quality web applications
    •  Is strong enough to develop cross-platform applications
  • Disadvantages of Rust:

    •  It is not easy to learn this programming language
    • Code is less efficient
    • Compilation of the program is slow
    • The programming ecosystem is very small
    • Memory management thought it is not efficient
    • Slower than a few top programming languages
    • Not webscale

Programming Language “Golang (Go)”

Golang Go

Golang is one of the most popular programming languages that is developed by Google. It has solved the problems of writing codes in other programming languages without ending their characteristics. This is widely used due to its concurrency, speed, simplicity, and high performance. The programming software that uses Golang is Dropbox, Google, SoundCloud, Docker, and Cloud Foundry. Go or Golang is a cloud-based and compiled programming language that has very vital characteristics such as memory safety, organized typing, and garbage collection. Top businesses depend on the Go language and due to its efficient organized typing memory and safe garbage collection, it is being used by top application and web development companies all around the world.

Benefits of Using Go (Golang):

    • Fast Services
    • Easy to learn
    • Dynamic language feel
    • Concurrency
    • Rapid development
    • Modern language
    • Paradigms
    • State code analysis
    • Good for Cross-platform applications
    • Good in Garbage Collection

Disadvantages Of Using Go:

  • Limited Library support
  • Implicit Interface
  • Not a system language
  • No Generic Support
  • Weak Runtime Safety
  • Poor Error Handling
  • Less Framework
  • Not Object-Oriented in conventional cases

Rust vs Golang in 2023

Go and Rust are both popular programming languages, but they have different design goals and use cases.

Go, also known as Golang, was created by Google in 2009 and is known for its simplicity, readability, and ease of use. It is often used for building web servers, network programming, and large-scale systems. Go’s garbage collector and lightweight concurrency model make it well-suited for high-performance systems.

Rust, on the other hand, was created in 2010 and is known for its focus on safety, security, and performance. Rust’s ownership model and strict borrowing rules help prevent common programming errors such as null or dangling pointer references. Rust is often used for systems programming, embedded systems, and game development.

In terms of popularity, Go is currently more widely used in industry, with many popular companies using it in production, while Rust is gaining popularity quickly.

In 2021, Rust was voted most loved programming language in the Stack Overflow Developer Survey. Rust is also finding its way into WebAssembly, a technology that allows developers to run Rust code in the browser.

In 2023, both language will continue to be popular in their respective areas. Go will continue to be a strong choice for building high-performance web servers, network programming and large-scale systems. Rust will continue to be popular among developers for systems programming, embedded systems and game development, and WebAssembly.

Rust vs Go 2023

Below are the factors based on which these two programming languages will be compared:

Speed Of Developed Website (Performance Of The Website):

If we compare them according to their performance, in Rust vs Golang, Rust is the clear winner. If we look at Rust vs Go 2023 it is visible that people who look at the performance choose Rust. The reason behind it is also strong. The websites or web applications developed with the help of Rust work at a similar speed as of those developed with Python and JavaScript.

Rust comes in the top 5 programming languages for web development and normal programming because of this feature most of the time.

Speed Of Development:

There are people who pay attention to program speed more than development speed which is equally important. In some cases, development speed is even more important than program speed. Again, the speed of Rust is better than Go. The reason is that Rust has more development features than Go. In terms of the development speed war in Go vs Rust 2023, Rust again turns out to be the clear winner.

Go vs rust speed

“The Rust programming language makes several design tradeoffs to achieve the best possible performance. Go, on the other hand, prefers simplicity, and is more willing to sacrifice performance for it. For large codebases, however, Go’s build speed is unbeatable.”

Management Of Memories:

Speaking of memory management at runtime, Go is handled automatically. There is no need to reallocate memory or even release it while the developers are writing code with Go. There is a problem that might occur and not allow the Rust programs to cross the compilation stage if they are not memory safe. This is one of the parts where Golang vs rust 2023 n terms of memory is won by Golang.


Speaking of the concurrency quality of the programming languages, Go is the programming language that has it built in. That clearly means that it is better than Rust in terms of concurrency. Rust has gained this quality very recently and it lacks behind Go in this part. If we compare Rust vs Golang 2023 in terms of concurrency, Go is the one that wins.

Speed Of Compilation:

Compilation speed, development speed, and program speed or website speed are very important while selecting the programming language for developing a website or a program. This is something that works as the basis for the program and will make sure that websites are developed at a fast pace and are also at par with international standards. Talking about this speed, Go is way too fast than Rust. Rust still takes a lot of time while compile its software, which is one of the disadvantages of the Rust programming language. Here in Golang vs rust, Golang is a clear winner in terms of compilation speed.


Experts say that if someone wants to compare two programming languages in the best possible way, they need to compare their libraries. Libraries are the parts of the programming languages that can give the developers an idea of what those languages can do. Developers have to face a lot of difficulties when they use a programming language with fewer libraries. This is something in which there is no winner because both Go and Rust have the same number of libraries.

More Functional:

It is very important to check if the programming language that will be used for website development is functional enough or not. Only programming languages with good functionality will allow developers to make websites that are great at everything. If the functionality of the programming language itself is not good then it will also affect the functionality of the website. Go is a programming language with fewer functionalities. Rust has more functionalities compared with Go and many other programming languages. Golang vs rust performance comparison depends a lot on the functionality and hence Rust is the one that has an upper hand here.

Ease Of Understanding:

This is something that cannot be ignored. It is important to choose a language that is not hard to understand. If the programming language to choose to develop a website or the web application is easy to understand then the users will also be able to innovate. It is already known that Rust is a programming language that is hard to understand and is hence it is more complex. Go is comparatively less complex and can be understood easily and can be used to develop a website sooner. Companies that pay attention to the complexity of programming language will choose “Go” in go vs rust web development languages. 

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Which One Is Best, Rust, or Golang?

It can be argued that Go is a popular choice among web development companies due to its simplicity, readability, and ease of use. This allows for faster code writing and the creation of simple, readable programs. Additionally, Go’s performance may be sufficient for projects where high-end software is not a requirement. However, Rust is also a viable option, particularly for projects that prioritize on safety, security, and performance,  embedded systems and making it well-suited for systems programming. Both languages have their own advantages and the choice ultimately depends on the specific requirements of the project. So, It’s hard to say that Go is the winner and Rust is the loser, both have their own strengths and weaknesses. And the choice of the language will depend on the specific use case and project requirements.

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