How do I download the Desktop Gold Software on my computer? 

Desktop Gold was once the most acclaimed software, known for its multiple functioning features. The charm of the software has not entirely lost as it has still millions of people who are using it along with those who want to download AOL Gold in their computer. Well, before we come to our focal point, let’s have some detailed information about it. It also included the pre-requisites we need to follow before the software download.

What is AOL Desktop Gold software?

AOL Desktop Gold is all-in-one software to browse the internet, use emails, play games and a lot many tasks as well. The software is created by the company AOL, with an aim to give its users a wonderful experience of its products. If you are an AOL user and find difficulty in accessing multiple tabs for more than 1 service, then AOL Desktop Gold is your destination. 

What are the features of it? 

Have a look at its features that make it worth having on the computer. 

Automatic and manual update:- For smooth access and lag-free performance of any software, it is vital to have the latest updates released by the company. The company AOL frequently updates its software and makes it more worthy of its valued users. 

All-in-one:– It is a package that consists of multiple programs that saves you precious time. A user can send an email, browse the internet and chat with their friends at the same time. 

Enhanced Security:- AOL has made the software so secure that hackers can’t think of stealing your data. With two-factor authentication, it asks you to enter the code every time you access it. 

Data import-export:- You can import the data from your mail and access everything in the other email. You can carry out functions like you were doing in the previous mail. 

Steps to download and install AOL Desktop Gold 

The downloading and installation procedure varies for both existence and old users. As per your criteria, you can follow the below-given procedure. 

#New user

  1. Browser official AOL website. 
  2. Choose to ‘Create a new account’ section.
  3. Fill the details given in it
  4. Go to AOL membership
  5. Check-in your AOL mail now
  6. Login to say account
  7. You would have received an email ‘Start with AOL Desktop Gold’
  8. Follow the link
  9. The downloading procedure will begin
  10. Run the downloading file once downloaded.

You can check the help section of AOL and read the given information about the AOL Gold

#Existing AOL user

The steps are simple if you are already an AOL user. 

  1. Login to AOL
  2. Visit the My Benefits section.
  3. Find AOL desktop Gold there. 
  4. Click on AOL Desktop Gold Download button.

If you get stuck at a place, then you can instantly connect with the tech experts who are round the clock available for their customer’s assistance. Not just with the downloading but you can also ask them to solve AOL Flash player problem. To have more information about this, you can refer to the below-given information. 

What is the role of AOL expert?

The role of AOL experts is to help their customers when they get stuck at any point while downloading, installing or using the product. No matter how big the issue is, their job is to make their services easy for you. The moment you contact them, they take charge and let you leave the rest on them only. You can also clear your doubts about the subscription package and features settings. If you want more details about it, then you can contact them by the sources they have made available. The best part about their service is that it is affordable and it saves you time and money both. 

How can we contact AOL help?

There are 3 ways to contact AOL experts. Via toll-free number, emails, and live chat. Depending upon the method you feel convenient, you can choose to talk to them. Let me explain to you how, either you make a quick call or send an email, the expert will reach sources.

Toll-free number:– The toll-free number is round the clock available, it gives you the accessibility to connect with the experts anytime you want. 

Email:- You can send them an email and talk to the expert. You can send your suggestions to them as well. 

Live-chat:- The live chat option is also there to help you connect with the experts as soon as possible. You can simply write Hi, and the next available expert will respond to you. 

You can choose any of the preferred methods and can get in touch with the experts anytime. They are round the clock available and are able to fix your issue within a short span of time. So, what are you waiting for? 

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