How Technology has Evolved Amid Coronavirus?

Technology has always worked towards improving our lives. There is a proverb ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’, and it stands true to its sense. Every year we see a lot of technological inventions that add value and convenience to our lives. 

This time it is due to the outbreak of Coronavirus that has created the suddenness to invent something to curb the pandemic. The epidemic started from Wuhan in China, has spread to over 80 countries across Asia, Europe, and America. 

Everything has been put on hold, and most of the countries affected by the virus are facing a lockdown. People are following the safety tips to fight the COVID-19 virus, but that’s not enough. The only hope left is technology, Tgj +-o create something that slows down the outbreak, if not stop it.

Experts believe that technology if implemented properly, can work as weapons to stop this global epidemic. Some of the inventions are already viral while some are in progress. In this article, we will see how technology has helped people and different industries in dealing with this tough situation.

Digitized Education

Educational Institutions have been closed in most of the countries seeing that they are highly vulnerable to this virus. Children and senior citizens are at higher risks of getting affected. Schools across the globe have been shut and have switched to software-based education solutions such as Mobile learning, AR/VR- Based learning, School management software and much more.

This will protect the children from the virus as well as they will have something to learn and practice during the lockdown. Even numerous educational videos available on YouTube can be useful for students who don’t have an online education facility. 

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Online Workplaces

Most of the multinational corporations and private offices have shut down amidst this outbreak to prevent the spread. This may incur huge losses to the companies but thanks to the technology, they can cope up with the lockdown. 

The virtual workplaces have enabled employees to work from their home using various digital software and programs. 

That’s not it; there are other software solutions available that are helping to deal with the changes such as 

  • Communication Tools like Google Voice, Skype, and Zoom
  • Document Management Systems
  • Project Management Solutions

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Digital Healthcare

Even healthcare technology has evolved this time and obviously, it needs maximum attention. Various software and digital technologies have been put to use in medical care. In the healthcare industry, the use of robotics and artificial intelligence is on the rise. 

A startup in the UK launched an app ‘C-19 COVID Symptom Tracker’ so that people can self-report their symptoms. It helps in identifying high-risk areas, including other things. 

South Korea introduced an app called Corona 100m that tracks the locations of COVID-19 patients and sends an alert if someone comes within 100 meters of an infected person.

India has come up with its app Arogya Setu that claims to alert users if they come in contact with a corona infected person.

Tech giants like ‘Apple’ and ‘Google’ are making their contributions as well.

‘Google and Apple are helping together in testing and tracing Coronavirus’

Such online healthcare solutions are empowering healthcare providers and include Hospital Management Solutions, Mobile healthcare, Telemedicine Solutions, etc.

Digitally Improved Financial Services

Although the banks are open amidst this outbreak to avoid the financial crisis, still it may be haunting to visit one. There is nothing to worry about as we have a number of financial software solutions at work.

For instance, a mobile banking app can help you with every banking transaction without moving out of your home. 

Over the years, the financial services industry has improved a lot and is heavily dependent on technology such as digital wallets, POS solutions, internet banking platforms, and whatnot. 

Final Words

In this dark phase, technology can be used to improve the situation if used properly. Even with the closed walls of our homes, we can still be productive and helpful to others. Let’s just make the most of this time and together with technology and safety, fight against this virus

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