How To Add Google Reviews On Website

Website is one of the most important marketing & commerce channels for any business or brand in this digital age as billions of users are leveraging digital channels to explore, access, browse, & shop. 

But to attract users to the website, engage them, and convert them into customers, the website needs to have such content that can build trust, provide information, and much more. 

Google reviews are one of the most valuable contents for any business and fulfil all these criteria to drive website performance. Therefore, here we bring you the holistic guide to what Google reviews are and how to embed Google Reviews Widget on the website.

What Are Google Reviews?

Google Reviews is a product from the suite of products of Google, where it allows the authentic customers to post their reviews, experiences, and feedback about a brand and its products & services. 

The Google reviews are aimed at helping potential consumers with valuable & realistic information who want to buy the products/services from the brand or invest in the brand. 

Since Google reviews are concerned with highlighting the qualities & value of a business by the customers, so it is essential that as a brand you leverage these reviews to drive your business trust, engagement, conversion, and growth. 

So, here we have listed the best ways on how to add Google reviews on your website. 

How To Add Google Reviews On Website

Google Reviews On Website

1. Taggbox Review Widget

   The first and probably the best way to add Google reviews on a website is to use the Google review widget from Taggbox. The review widget from Taggbox lets you integrate your Google+ account and curate all the reviews into a feed and embed it on your website. 

The tool helps you to easily connect & curate these reviews along with creative customizations to the review widget like beautiful themes, design elements, layouts & fonts, colors, etc. 

Along with these, the moderation feature allows you to moderate the feed and choose what reviews you want to show and which ones you don’t. Besides, it also has automatic updates for your reviews feed.

You can even measure the performance of your review widget with analytics and the widget is highly responsive & easy to use with simple & hassle-free embedding to the website. 

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The tool allows you to integrate the review widget with many website platforms like HTML, WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Weebly, etc. 

2. WordPress Review Plugin

WordPress is a hub of plugins that fulfil most of the essential functions for any website. Similarly, it provides a plugin for embedding Google reviews on websites. 

 The Google review plugin from WordPress lets you display the customer reviews in a sidebar on your webpages. The plugin supports the auto-refresh feature and a category section for these reviews to filter and display them accordingly. 

The plugin supports WordPress page builders like Gutenberg, Elementor, Beaver, Page origin, etc. You can display up to 5 reviews for a business location and can even add the “Read More” button on to the long reviews. 

There are a few themes available at your disposal and access to support. Although the plugin is quite useful and customizable, the downside is that it is limited to the WordPress website platform. 

 3. Reviews On Website Tool

Reviews on the website is a tool that you can use to display Google reviews on your website. The tool’s name itself is suggestive of what they do. The tool is quite easy to use and highly customizable. 

You can customize the reviews feed to mix it with your website theme and aesthetics. It is designed to be mobile responsive and also has the integration feature for the WordPress website platform as well.  

You can choose which reviews you want to show and which you want to hide along with adjusting the number of reviews to be displayed. It lets you enable automatic updates for your feed and the option of choosing a layout for your widget. 

Benefits of Google Reviews 

  • Google reviews help in building trust, reliability, and credibility for the website & business
  • They help in showcasing the authenticity, worthiness, value, and positive customer experience to your visitors
  • Increase website traffic, engagement, dwell time and reduces the bounce rate
  • Improve the content quality of your website and helps you get SEO benefits
  • Boosts the conversions rate and sales for your website through trust & engagement
  • Highlights brand advocacy, loyal community, and customer satisfaction


Google reviews or customer reviews generally are extremely crucial for any business as over 80% of the users purposely look for reviews about a business or brand before making a purchase online. 

Not just that, over 90% of the users tend to trust UGC such as these reviews while making any online purchase decisions. So, customer reviews are important for your website and displaying them will help you upgrade your website performance and returns on investments. 

So, get started now by leveraging the tools and strategies mentioned above to add Google reviews on your website and start gaining these benefits for your website and overall business. 

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