iOS 15 Home Screen Ideas: Set iPhone Aesthetic Cute Wallpaper

Wallpaper defines the personality of a person. No matter what phone one carries, the right choice of wallpaper can make the phone look much more attractive than others. With the introduction of iOS 15 to the world, many iPhone users are searching for wallpaper ideas that will give an aesthetic feel to your phone.

This search ends right here. With our unique iOS 15 wallpaper ideas for aesthetic backgrounds, you can turn your iPhone into an aesthetically pleasing device. It will not only give a good impression to others but a positive and peaceful vibe to you too. Instead of using the default iPhone wallpaper, one can transform it into anything they want. It means there are options open for you to color coordinate into something like a fall aesthetic with leaves, pumpkins, and brown shades. Or how about your favorite flowers, animal, or cartoon character? Once you start to modify, the opportunities are endless.
Here are some of the Apple iOS 15 home screen ideas for customizing your phone screen amazingly and make you stand out from others:

Ideas For Home Screen Of iOS 15

  • Black And White Aesthetic:

Black And White Aesthetic:

If you are among those people who like black and white more than the colored ones, or maybe you like minimalism more than elements, black and white aesthetics might suit you well. No other colors are better for minimalism other than black and white. The colors speak the personality of the person who uses it, and the ios 15 backgrounds say a lot about you. Keep the home screen as clean as possible and also make sure that there are no unnecessary elements. It will make it all look very professional. Though people may also confuse you with being someone who doesn’t like to be vibrant but to change that, you have to keep the app icons settled in a cool way. Doodle themes with a black and white color scheme look happy. Also, we think that it is perfect for most people. If you want to get a more serious vibe, then choose an ios 15 home screen theme with bold icons. The third one is that you can go for casual icons that come in 3d; most people don’t prefer them as they think they look extra. But, it is your phone, and you are the one to decide.

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  • Pastel Rainbow:

Pastel Rainbow - ios 15 aesthetic ideas

If you want your iPhone background aesthetic to be color-rich and filled with multiple elements, go for a pastel rainbow. The best part about this is that it can make your iPhone home screen look both professional and dope. There are already many themes based on this specific aesthetic. You can get great social media icons with different colors and designs, different system app icons, and more.

It will change everything about how your aesthetic wallpaper iPhone looks. It is all up to you, and you get a lot of options with this aesthetic as there are many themes and icon packs available on the internet and the theme stores. Rainbow colors look snatched, and you can mold them as you want. With so many options, you have complete control over how you want your home screen to look. It can suit the people who like some part of everything.

  • Green With Sweet Succulents:

Green With Sweet Succulents

Go green!! If you are a nature lover, that is what you should do. What can be better than your phone speaking what you believe in. If you are in love with nature, then flaunt it on your ios 15 background as well. There are so many things that you can do, change your icons and make your home screen look like a garden. You can get green with succulent themes at many places; choose wisely what you like.

These 15 aesthetic ideas can make your home screen look peaceful, unique and will portray how much you love plants and nature in general. A lot of people are not so confident to change such things in such a way, though there are many themes you can ask yourself, how many of them have such aesthetics over their home screen.

  • Attractive Text Appeal:

Attractive Text Appeal

Nothing speaks louder than words. Choose words on your screen in place of icons and other images. Find themes that have text icons. These will give a creative look to your home screen. Choose the font size and colors wisely, suitable to your theme to see the best outcome. Make sure that they are all of the same styles. Otherwise, it will look very unorganized and won’t look good. You can go for handwriting-style fonts rather than digital ones. They will make the home screen feel more personal. There are many other things that you can do to make it feel better, like going with a dark to light ombre look. Also, you may choose celestial objects in the background of your ios 15 aesthetic home screen.

  • A Branded Look:

A Branded Look

Do you know what brands do? They select a color theme, make sure things are in symmetry, and everything has a meaning. Yes, even the smallest detail on their app/website or social media has something that relates to them. Now, to incorporate that look on the home screen as your iPhone aesthetic wallpaper, you need to choose some colors or a theme with different colors. The screen will not have the same color or two on all pages. It will have specific colors in specific locations, and that is how icon color and style will be decided.

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It will make your phone look professional. This way, you won’t need to ask for opinions from others, and you can go with your heart. Your phone is your personal space, so represent it the way you want. It can be a great ios 15 design for your home screen.

  • Aesthetic Design Bundles:

Aesthetic Design Bundles

There are multiple websites on the web that offer you design bundles. And believe us, most of these design bundles are good. Their designers put in good thoughts when they design them, and that shows in the result. You can download a few and check which one fits your vibe. You have to do nothing with these bundles just install them and see the vibe changing. With multiple options, you might get confused, so it is better to shortlist a few based on the screenshots. Yes, most of the bundles have screenshots with them, so you download the ones you want. You never know, you may find your cute ios 15 home screen design in one of these bundles.

  • Old School Vibes Through A Rad Retro Aesthetic:

Old School Vibes Through A Rad Retro Aesthetic

Don’t run after the modern themes and aesthetics only. Retro aesthetics can be professional and cool too. There are plenty of retro and old-school aesthetic ios 15 home screen layout ideas that you can choose from for yours. You just need to make sure that they are fitting perfectly to the resolutions of your screen and the icons are also fitting perfectly. Old school themes have great aesthetics, and they can set the vibe just right. Also, it is not so common, and hence your iPhone aesthetic backgrounds will also look unique from others. The aesthetics of old-school home screens are different, and that depends on how you are using them. You need to pay attention to the details and colours to make everything work while going with old-school and retro aesthetics.

  • Fall And Pumpkin Theme:

Fall And Pumpkin Theme

We all love the fall season and pumpkins, don’t we? Okay, some of you might not agree on Pumpkin as edible stuff, but it does look cool as aesthetics, right? So, it is the same thing you can do with your aesthetic ios 15 home screen design. Choose themes that make the screen feel like the fall season, not just on the outside, but inside the phone as well. There are many things that you can do.

Choose ios 15 aesthetic filled up with leaves and pumpkin. It might also give a feel of Halloween or something spooky. You are the one who needs to decide what vibe suits you well. It can be calm, or it can be abstract. Colours can also play a great role; you may choose anything from yellow to brown and more according to your preference.

  • Cosy Home Screen Aesthetic:

Cosy Home Screen Aesthetic

These days, mobile phones for most people are nothing less than their homes, so why not make it look like one? You can use the cozy home screen aesthetics to make the home screen feel just like home. This background and icon set idea can make your screen feel much better and different from anyone around. You can find a lot of ios 15 backgrounds that match the same aesthetics. It is something that most people don’t try. You can also look up over the internet, and you will find icon sets that will match the vibe of a home.

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Place door and window element icons on the screen to make it feel like a room or an entrance to a home. The applications can be placed like rooms. Each room will have a different role, and some of them might even have locks. Isn’t that cool, making your iPhone a proper home? iOS already provides users with some ios 15 home screen themes that resemble a home. You may have to put in some effort, and that will give you what you want.

Create Your Own Personalized Wallpaper Aesthetic Background

ios 15 wallpaper ideas

After all the above answers to “how to make your iPhone aesthetic,” here is the last one that might ask you for extra efforts, but it surely works. You create your own aesthetic ios 15 home screen backgrounds. You need to understand what you want, note it down, find stuff required and customize your aesthetics. No one can do it better for you than yourself. There are many websites where you can download icon packs; you can either download different wallpapers or create them using online design tools. These days there are many online tools available that you can use even if you are a beginner.

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All the above-mentioned aesthetic ideas might look great, and some might not. It all depends on your requirements and perception. You may want an iPhone ios 15 wallpaper or icon that is in some other pack. That is when you need to customize your phone wallpaper. The process of making one for yourself is fun and interesting. Other downloadable themes are also great. Designers around the world are giving a lot of their time to give people what they want.

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