Microsoft’s New Coronavirus Map Let You Track The Number Of Covid-19

The world is threatened with COVID-19. The cases are increasing every day, the death toll is also increasing, we are officially going through a pandemic. This is the worst which the world has seen in a long time. This is most probably the first time the world has altogether gone down. This is not normal flu, this can cause organ failures, it is really killing people out there. 

As per the latest updates there as more than 1,94,551 coronavirus cases all over the world. While 81,085 people have recovered, more than 7892 deaths occurred due to it. The statistics are scary and if not be able to control, this virus can lead to the ultimate eradication of mankind. 

Big names such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are trying to calm people down and get the concepts more clear about this pandemic. 

Amidst all this, Microsoft’s search engine Bing launched a map where people can know about all the active cases of COVID-19 around the world. The map will contain information about the effect of COVID018 also in specific regions. The users just need to open the map and then they will see red dots over the regions where it is spreading. By this, they will be able to understand the situation from the information published about it. This will help everyone understand the situation more accurately.

Microsoft Coronavirus Map

What can people know from the map?

There are plenty of features that the map is providing through which users can keep themselves updated. Some of them are as follows:

  • It will provide the latest information about the number of coronavirus cases all around the world. This map also gives data about the number of active, recovered and fatal cases. This information will be derived from the government itself and thus, will be reliable.
  • It will also provide related articles of different countries or its regions as per click. The user can read different news articles, blogs, etc to know about the current situation of that area. Videos are also available in languages as per the regions. 
  • Real-time information directly gathered from WHO, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control and the US CDC about the virus, its symptoms, diagnosis and much more will be provided. 

Microsoft Coronavirus Map –

The world is going into quarantine, Microsoft will keep them updated with real-time updates

The world is locked down, everything is shutting down and people are advised to stay inside their homes. This is a time when people are scared and are eager to know about the news regarding the virus from around the world. Microsoft’s Bing has made it easy for the world to know all the important information about this virus. Everything is getting serious and it is important that the information that people get is authentic and easy. The news sites are showing inaccurate data and misleading people with wrong facts. Sometimes wrong facts can create a state of panic, which is not needed at this point of time.  

Fun Fact: Bill Gates is the man who predicted that a virus and not war will become the major reason for the death of people in this decade.  

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