30 Trending Mobile App Ideas for Startups Haven’t Been Made

Trending new app ideas refer to popular and innovative mobile applications that are gaining traction and attention in the market. These apps often address current needs and solve problems in unique and creative ways. They can be in various categories like social, gaming, health and fitness, education, entertainment, and many more. They are built on the latest technologies like Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain. These apps can be in the form of mobile apps, web apps, or progressive web apps. Overall, trending new app ideas are those that are popular, innovative and solving real-world problems.

App development and innovative new app ideas deployment are at their peak. From entertainment and lifestyle to commercials and education, there exists an application for almost every purpose. Mobile and web application plays an important role in enriching the quality of life by encroaching on routine activities and delivering advanced capabilities.

This article consists of a list with more than 30- new trending app ideas for 2023 to consider for your project. However, conducting thorough research and making your own notes is also suggested to have a better insight into the idea before actually investing in the project development.

30 Trending New App Ideas For Start-Ups to Make Money in 2023

App development has emerged as a large market worth billions of dollars. An increasing enthusiasm is reflected to invest in desktop, mobile, and web applications.

This section covers the most trending mobile application ideas in 2023 to make money. Read them to know about the scope of iOS & Android app development to fulfill various business purposes.

1. Augmented Reality Apps For Interior Designing

Interior designers and architects are resorting to digital methods for presenting their projects in a more detailed way. Augmented reality is the most preferred technology for interior designers.

Clients can get a real-like feel of a variety of patterns and arrangements without actually investing any amount of money. The developed applications of augmented reality companies are not just limited to interior designing but are varied.

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2. Health Check-Up And Food Planner App

Health check-ups and food planner apps are trending these days. They provide suggestions based on the artificial intelligence healthcare condition of the user. With thousands of recipes for every health condition, health check-up and food planner applications are the perfect resort to access new, tasty, and healthy recipes daily.

3. Tip Calculator App

The tip calculator app is an effective software application for calculating tips as well as dividing the share of the total bill when dining out with family or friends.

The ability to extract the exact percentage that falls on the part of each member makes it a capable software for lifestyle use.

4. Criminal Alert App

The crime rate is increasing with the population. This demands the need for advanced security options to keep society away from becoming a victim of any crime event.

Criminal alert apps come into play to fulfill the purpose. It notifies the user of the criminal’s presence in an area.

5. Water Reminder App

Keeping up the water intake can be a tedious task. Following a busy lifestyle and hectic schedule, skipping out on drinking water is quite common. A water reminder app comes to the rescue in these situations.

A user receives timely alerts reminding them to consume water for a healthy lifestyle. The unique concept makes it a popular choice amongst customers as well as business investors.

6. Food Donation Apps

The food industry is often shamed because of the high amount of food waste associated with it. Not anymore, as the food donation app connects the restaurants to charities to effectively coordinate and donate the excess food and hence fulfilling a noble purpose.

Food donation apps can also be considered a lucrative business investment.

7. Bike Servicing App

Gone are the days when a bike owner had to visit the service station to get the service done. With the help of a bike servicing app, a bike owner can remotely schedule an appointment with the nearest service station.

The pick and drop facility provides convenience to the owner by eliminating the requirement of visiting the service station and waiting in long queues.

8. Tutor Searching App

It is easier to establish connections with tutors via tutor search applications. It is more like a community that allows the tutors to list their expertise and connect with students without any mediator (like the institutes).

The students can make a choice from the hundreds and thousands of faculty that are listed on the application.

As the demand for tutors is not going to fall, investing in a tutor searching app can also be considered.

9. Virtual Clothes Shopping App

Another concept that is high in demand, virtual clothes shopping apps allow the customer to virtually try a cloth or accessory without having to visit the store. This saves the effort of reaching the store and hence the time.

All the major online stores are appreciating the concept and inculcating the technology in delivering enhanced services.

10. Toy Exchanging App

It is an innovative concept, especially for the parents with their child in its early years. Children tend to get bored with the toys they have in a short period.

Apps dedicated to the feature parents community is in trend these days, allowing them to list their products and exchange them, eliminating the requirement of buying a new one from a store.

11. Food Ordering App

After a short pause, the restaurant business is building up gradually. The online presence of the food ordering business has witnessed significant growth since the lockdown.

More and more brick-and-mortar restaurants are providing online food ordering services followed by the encroachment of new concepts like cloud kitchens. It is a lucrative business venture and the expansion of companies like Zomato, Grubhub, and Uber Eats justifies the fact.

12. Cab Booking App

Cab booking apps are popular for providing cab services at the utmost convenience. It is just a matter of a few taps on the smartphone’s screen, and the user can toggle between a number of cabs for every accessible location at affordable prices.

More and more smartphone users depend on the cab booking application for their daily commute that making it a profitable business.

13. UPI Payment

After the strike of COVID-19, most businesses are resorting to online solutions for app development. Emphasis is also laid on increasing the online mode of transactions.

Platforms like UPI, Paytm, and other payment systems are gaining a positive response. The extent of the stronghold of payment gateways in the market signifies its importance and hence making it a profitable investment.

14. Grocery Delivery App

After the strike of COVID-19, the online groceries stores were permitted to operate along with medical and other essential services. A drastic rise in grocery delivery apps is recorded. The contactless shopping and delivery make it a preferred option to buy groceries.

15. OTT Video Streaming App

Experts record a huge surge in the amount of time spent using smartphones. Smartphone users are spending more time watching online videos. NetFlix also reports a sudden increase in user traffic.

OTT video streaming apps are affordable and accessible platforms that feature documentaries, seasons, films, animation, and much more. Considering the huge demand, OTT services are a good business venture to invest in.

16. Scan And Convert To PDF

There used to be a time when scanning documents and converting them into pdf format required visiting the shop. However, advanced applications have eliminated its need. Anyone can easily convert files into pdf, all it takes is a few taps on the smartphone.

17. Railway Tracking App

The railway is still a popular means of transport. Tracking the status of trains used to be unorganized and inaccurate in earlier days. However, with time, the railway tracking mechanism has improved gradually.

Nowadays, railway tracking apps are getting popular because of the convenience they offer to track the trains and get their real-time status.

18. Language Learning App

Language learning applications are also one of the major interests of developers as well as clients. It allows the user to sequentially learn and master a new language, starting from the beginner level and gradually moving towards the advanced.

If you are looking to invest in app development, considering language learning apps can also be a good option.

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19. Voice Translation App

Tourists and travelers often find it difficult to interact with the locals while they visit a new territory. A traveler can miss out on the fun while exploring new places, because of the lack of communication.

To bridge the gap, developers are creating apps that emphasize real-time voice translation.

20. Call Recording App

There are many cases where a smartphone user becomes a victim of prank calls, phishing attacks, or harassment. Without appropriate evidence, the victim might lack in a court of law.

The demand for call-recording apps has increased drastically. The apps are deployed to record incoming and outgoing calls that can be used as evidence in case of any fraudulent or impermissible event.

21. Mall Navigation Map

Navigating in huge shopping arenas like the Dubai Mall can be quite challenging for newcomers. Worry not as the mall navigation maps come in handy to rescue the lost wanderers.

It allows the user to download and access digital maps dedicated to shopping malls and promotes convenient maneuvering inside them.

22. Fitness App

The increasing awareness of people about their health gives rise to the development and deployment of fitness-related applications.

Fitness apps are blooming because of their capability to track and display the health status of users. The app boasts in-app chat features that keep the user connected with the community for an enhanced experience.

23. Contact Tracing App

The demand for contact tracing apps that provide real-time data is rising drastically. Users can conveniently find out areas affected by any pandemic or calamity, like the COVID-affected areas in the present scenario. So it is new mobile application ideas innovative in 2023 to ahead competition in the market.

Contact tracing applications are attracting major investment during the tough times of the pandemic.

24. Karaoke App

Karaoke apps let the users live their fantasy of being a pop singer. These apps are dedicated to adding amazing filters and effects while the singer gets along with its singing.

With many karaoke apps that are trending on the Android and iOS platforms, investing in karaoke app development can be a lucrative digital business venture.

25. Parking Space Finder App

Finding vacant space in a congested parking lot can sometimes be challenging. App development companies are deploying applications that are focused to aid drivers in parking.

The app uses mobile sensors and services like GPS, location, webcams, and real-time parking data to help locate free parking spots when needed.

26. Budgeting App

A budgeting app is a mobile application that helps users manage their finances by tracking expenses, creating a budget and monitoring their spending habits. It enables users to set financial goals, such as saving for a down payment on a house or paying off credit card debt, and provides tools to help them achieve those goals. The app can also help users track their income and expenses, create a budget, and monitor their spending habits. The main goal of a budgeting app is to help users take control of their finances and make informed financial decisions.

27. Transportation App

A transportation app is a mobile application that helps users plan and book their transportation needs. It typically includes features such as real-time tracking of public transportation schedules, route planning for cars, bikes or walking, fare comparison for different transportation options, and the ability to book and pay for transportation services. It is designed to make it easy for users to find the fastest and most cost-effective way to get from one place to another. Additionally, it can also include features such as traffic updates, parking availability and car-sharing options. The main goal of a transportation app is to provide users with an easy and convenient way to plan and book their transportation needs.

28. Transportation App

A mental health and wellness app that provides daily inspiration and exercises to reduce stress and anxiety. A mental health and wellness app is a mobile application that helps users improve their mental and emotional well-being.

28. Book Club App

A book club app that connects readers with others who have similar reading interests and preferences. A book club app is a mobile application that connects readers with others who have similar reading interests and preferences. It allows users to discover new books, join or create book clubs, participate in discussions, and share reviews and ratings.

30. Crypto Exchange Trading App

After a recent surge in popularity, cryptocurrency is now more accessible to everyone. Cryptocurrency exchanges are needed for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. In many cases, these online services are similar to stockbrokers, allowing you to purchase and sell digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

Cryptocurrency exchange apps are the answer. By evaluating the crypto ecosystem, these apps are crucial. Among the things, they can be used for are checking the price of various cryptocurrencies, manager accounts, buying and selling altcoins, and so on.

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Final words

Reading about the million-dollar trending app ideas that are mentioned in this article is likely to enhance your view and opinion about investing in these digital projects.

Affordable smartphones and accessible internet are one of the foremost reasons behind the increasing popularity and investment in mobile-based application development.

Not just that, even web and desktop application development is catching the attention of software development companies as well as clients.

With the help of an expert app development company, you can get an optimal software application that caters to your business needs and elevates employee engagement and customer experience.

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