Python vs Go 2021 Performance speed for Machine Learning, DevOps, and Microservices

Hello People! If you are trying out a functional programming language, then surely you might have to compare between Python and Go. For your help, here is Go vs. Python 2021 comparison. For all those who do not know about Python and Go, then here are the necessary details. Python and GoLang are two high-level programming languages. 

Earlier it was said that Python is the best programming language for computers, but nowadays, people are considering a new alternative called GoLang for the same. GoLang was first introduced by Google in 2009. It came with the best features from various programming languages. While on the other hand, Python is a highly used general-purpose language used by programmers on a large scale.

It is not at all easy to compare the two languages. Both of the languages have different features which are good in their own perspective. Both of them are highly useful and are recommended by the world’s best programmers for software development and other purposes. If you want to choose between the two languages, or you want to compare the two, then you have come to the right place. 

Python vs Go 2021

Here is a brief write- up to about the comparison of the two programming languages: Python and Go Language. We will compare the two languages on the basis of web development, concurrency, speed, Machine Learning and many more. After that, you will be able to choose between the two programming languages easily.

When people make the Python vs. Go comparison, they have to take account of various different features and specifications. It is a very substantial decision to compare Python vs Go Language. People need to analyse various things to choose the best language for their software development. 

There are various languages for software development like Python, GoLang, JavaScript, C++, PHP and many more. But when we choose amongst all these, generally GoLang and Python are shortlisted in the end. They have quite similar features but both work with completely different approaches. It is a difficult task to compare Python vs GoLang 2021 and choose between them.

We first talk about Python vs go concurrency. 

Both the languages have quite a similar kind of structure, but you need to type a little more in Go Language. Go takes only two letters to help you in moving from asynchronous version to a concurrent version. In Python, there is an obvious way to do it, which is not similar to GoLang. In GoLang it is simpler and easier.

Go vs Python for Web Development

Earlier people used Python and considered it as the best option for web development. But since the introduction of Go Language, people are likely to shift more towards the newer programming language. 

Go vs Python 2021

  • Go has numerous built-in features, which are not present in Python. 
  • It has good support for concurrency and it is very efficient in terms of resources. 
  • It uses goroutines which demand less from the CPU and the memory of your system. 

Whereas its counterpart Python does not have any kind of inbuilt features to support concurrent versions and thus it has to rely on some kind of concurrency library. Also, it is less efficient in terms of resources.

There are various parameters of comparison between the two languages. But majorly, we compare them on the basis of their performance and scalability. In both these parameters, GoLang seems to be more efficient than the Python programming language. Go Language offers better web development features including the execution of tasks, applications and libraries.

Both of the programming languages have different pros and cons on the basis of which they can be compared. When you are building applications, Go Language is safer, but when it comes to ERP tool development, Python is preferred more. When talking about concurrency, Go Language is better, and when we talk about parallelism, Python slightly has the edge over its counterpart.

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But the only thing that differs is reliability. In the view of a programmer, Go Lang is more reliable and easier to use. It has various built-in features for your help and adjusts with the concurrent version easily.

Python vs Go performance. 

As said earlier, there are numerous parameters based on which you can compare between the two highly popular programming languages. One of the most important parameters is performance. Performance is based on a combination of various features like speed, system, concurrence and many more. In most of the cases, it has been observed that Go Language has been able to perform better than the Python programming language. Because Go Language has better concurrency and CPU scalability, thus, it performs better and more efficiently.

Golang Go

Also, it uses goroutine. Goroutine is around 10 times cheaper than the resources that are used in the Python programming language. And it is faster as well. Also, the best part about Go Language’s performance is that you do not need a web framework. There are so many tools and features that are present in Go itself that can be used directly and needs no third-party library. It has numerous inbuilt languages to make the task easier for you and help you out with your work.

Thus, with this Python vs Go Performance analysis, we find that using Go Language is pretty much easier than the Python Language. It has easily accessible features and commands for simple use.

Python vs Go for DevOps

The next parameter for comparison between the two programming languages is DevOps. Choosing a good programming language is very important In DevOps. When you do not use a good language for programming, it might lead to unwanted results and outcomes. In the DevOps world, there are many tooling features and devices. So, Go Language is kind of similar to these tooling options in DevOps. Since Go Language is used for system programming, it is more useful in DevOps. And when you are using Python, you have a productive environment for management and efficient use of resources in DevOps.

Python is a language that can act both as a scripting tool and as a programming language, but still Go Language is considered more appropriate for DevOps. Other than Python and Go Language, there are numerous options to choose a programming language for DevOps, but still, Go Language is the best of them all. It has an excellent performance output with inbuilt programs and functions. Also, it is simple to use and easy. It supports concurrent version and multithreading, which is again a boost for DevOps. Other features of the Go Language that are useful in DevOps trends are its speed, scalability, built-in testing and many more.

Python vs Go speed comparison.

When talking about the Python vs Go speed comparison, again Go Language is considered better than the others. Go is very fast and accurate. It is said that Go Language is around 40 times faster than the Python programming language. In all domains, Go Language performs better than its counterpart. Go Language takes only four seconds to compile data together, which is a major boost to the language. There are many other famous programming languages like Python and C++, but they do not have a very good speed like Go Language.

Python vs Go for Machine Learning

Till now, we have compared both of these programming languages on the basis of several parameters. In most of the causes, Go Language turned out to be a better option than the Python programming language. But when we come to the machine learning parameter, Python has a slight edge over the Go programming language. Though we know that Go Language is much faster, Python still has a very rich, productive system that offers better support. It has various features and frameworks that are particularly designed in such a way that they support Machine Learning. Whereas, Go Language does not support Machine Learning much.

Python language

There are various fields in the world, like banking and insurance, that require a good programming language that supports Machine Learning. The only thing that they require from a programming language is a good support system for Machine Learning, and that is what Python offers. 

So, these types of sectors generally prefer the Python programming language over the Go Language. Even the data analysts and resource searchers use Python more than Go Language due to some of its specific features. It supports numerous frameworks that are required to analyse data and research work.

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Conclusive statement

When it comes to comparing the two highly useful programming languages, Python and GoLang for forthcoming 2021, it is a very tough choice. Until and unless you do not have good knowledge about programming, you won’t be able to differentiate between the two easily. There are several parameters on the basis of which we can compare the two programming languages. Speed, Accuracy, Reliability, web development support, concurrency, scalability and machine learning support are some of the basic parameters that we used to compare both the languages. In most of the cases, Go Language is preferred more than its counterpart.

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