Top 5 WordPress Frontend Posting Plugins

At present, you would come across frontend posting options in the majority of websites. This feature does not make it easier for all your contributors to add information to your website quickly, but at the same time, it also becomes easier for them to interact with your website without logging into your backend and then to add up stuff to your website to be posted. As you have moved to the best content management system in the world, you can literally make use of some responsive WordPress plugin development that can let you quickly add this feature on the front end of your website. With the help of frontend posting WordPress plugin submission of the content, all contributors will be able to save a lot of time and effort. With these frontend posting WordPress plugin in action, you can also be able to make your blog more and more profitable with adding services and products easily and integrating them with your ever-growing audience. As per the estimation, the help of web contents can drive about 65% of engagement. Let us now get to know how you can add this functionality onto your website.

How can frontend posting help you?

With frontend posting of web content, you will be able to include a business directory that will let the customers to contribute to your system as well as take information from you. You can go ahead with running a forum that carries forward the zeal of an engaging community of likeminded people offering their reviews and resolving queries of others. You can also accept any guest posts from your uses in the guest post WordPress plugin. Last but not least, you can also host and update a wiki effortlessly. You can get in touch with a WordPress expert to help you out. 

What WordPress plugins can you use to integrate frontend plugin posting?

WordPress offers you a wide range of plugin collection to choose from to include the functionality of adding a frontend plugin posting option on your website. Here are some of the best-curated WordPress front end posting plugins that you can use for your website built on the WordPress platform:

1. WP User

It is one of the most used and the best-recommended frontend posting plugin that has been used in zillions of sites built on WordPress. With this plugin, you will be able to submit web content from the frontend of any website as well as build profiles. You will also have the option to edit the profile section and save a lot of time by not visiting the backend for anything. This WordPress front end post editor is completely free to use, and you will also get a timely notification on any new submission on your website and get notified for previous posts as well. Being an admin of a website, you will also be able to manage the status of the post creates from the frontend. 

2. Anonymous Post Pro

If you want to make it large with your frontend-posting feature on your website built on WordPress, then you should go with the anonymous post pro from access press. It is one of the best plugins that lets you submit your forms as well as content from the frontend of your website with rich integration of media. The form design from this plugin is 100% responsive; that means you can get the best view of the same irrespective of the screen you are viewing it. You also get a handful of customization options with this plugin such as you can set the limit of the characters, offer guidelines to the new users, secure your post with captcha and much more. 

3. Form Management System

The form management system is yet another WordPress frontend posting plugin that lets you include a dashboard, contact forms, registration forms and many other things easily with minimal effort. With this plugin, you will be able to set the status of the post and create custom types of posts and redirects. There is provision for adding google captcha and category creation in the frontend. 

4. Frontend publishing pro

If you love to add some unique touch to the frontend posting, then this plugin from WordPress lets you customize the whole thing. With the drag and drop builder, you can create your own customized dashboards for your guest bloggers. You will have an option to add media to your posts with this plugin, and you can restrict certain media and their sizes. This plugin also helps you add integration of Copyscape to it as well as integrate a layered security system. You will have the ability to create an unlimited number of forms as well as set certain validation rules for each. 

5. Frontend Submit Pro

It is one of the best frontend posting plugins for WordPress to be used for frontend posting if you wish to have a flexible form structure. You can set the number of field availability as well as turn on and off the upload file options. You can also add conditional logic, embed forms, etc. You can get in touch with some qualified WordPress expert for your custom structure of WordPress plugin development. 

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