Apple Watch Series 8:

Everything We Know so Far


Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple's next watch, the 8th generation, will include a temperature sensor and a new "Pro" category for extreme sports.

The hardware for the iPhone 13 and Series 8 will be similar: the Series 8 will have an enlarged screen, faster charging, and improved durability.

Apple will announce the next smartwatch this fall, the Series 8 Pro version, and the new Apple Watch SE. The current software in Apple Watch will be upgraded with a new version of WatchOS this fall.

Health: Apple Watch Series 8 may debut a temperature sensor

Apple's newest smartwatch could have a temperature-sensing feature, but currently Bloomberg reports that it will not be able to provide you with a specific reading, it's more likely to say if you are might be experiencing a fever and then suggest consulting other appropriate sources like a doctor.

A new model: The Rugged Apple Watch Pro

Bloomberg is reporting that the new rugged Apple Watch Pro will have 7% more screen space and a larger battery than the current largest Apple Watch so it could compete well with the new watch faces released by Apple. There are new details in the story about what this new watch will be called, for instance, and what its competition will face.

Design: Apple Watch Series 8 may Get a new size

Ross Young's Twitter feed suggests a third Apple Watch size could come this year. It is unknown if that means the display or size may change on the Series 8, but there has been discussion about upgraded displays internally.

Battery life: A new low-power mode

The Series 8 will have a new low-power mode, that allows for apps and features to run in order to conserve battery life. Bloomberg also reports that the Apple Watch Pro will have an enhanced battery life.