Easy Tricks to improve the speed and security of your Xiaomi

Xiaomi Phones come with their own antivirus installed. Security is a program full of great security features to help you stay safe. You can also create a shortcut for the antivirus on your notifications bar

The Security app is in charge of scanning and identifying malicious files, as well as unusual functions executed by apps. Many of these functionalities are just a few taps away with the Security app.

Activate the security antivirus shortcut bar on your Xiaomi

It can be difficult to navigate the complex menus of Xiaomi and POCO phones. If you want an alternative method, you can create shortcuts when you want it.

With MIUi's antivirus app, you can put a permanent notification in the notification bar to show four functions: speed booster, file cleaner and optimizer, security and virus scan. They are quite simple to use.

To create this shortcut, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

Open the Security app. Click on the ‘Settings‘. In section ‘Show menu in notification bar‘, activate the corresponding switch.

You can easily find the Security app's four most efficient functions just by sliding the notifications bar. Doing so will improve your overall level of security for your device.