Wix vs WordPress Which Is Better – 5 Key Differences To Know

The world that we are living in is highly dependent on technology for its day to day functioning. Websites have become a part of our lifestyle. The server is flooded with millions of websites covering each and every aspect that could possibly exist. Web development has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. Platforms like WordPress and Wix are simplifying the content management system delivering a rich feel like never before. 

The article deals with the two big names that excel with their software of content management system, helping businesses optimize their online requirements. 


WordPress is an amazing technology that provides a platform for businesses and individuals to create their own website. The convenience that it offers to create a beautiful and mobile-friendly website is the reason behind it trending in the market. 


Another user-friendly platform that allows the user to get the process started by just a click. The screen pops a series of questions followed by asking the purpose of website creation. Offering more than 500 template designs, Wix is considered one amongst the top website creating platforms hence contributing to its popularity.

Opting out any one of the two website builders can be quite challenging if in case of absence of prior knowledge about both the platforms. After reading the next section, you will have a basic understanding of both platforms. 

Key Differences:  Wix vs WordPress 2021

No doubt WordPress is an effective platform for developing powerful websites, Wix has its own share of advantages. To select the ideal platform for your website creation, it is important to know the key differences between both platforms.

Scroll below to read the 5 key differences between these two website creating platforms. 

  • Concept

WordPress: WordPress is a powerful and technical tool that is used to create advanced websites from scratch. Using this platform requires basic knowledge and understanding of coding. WordPress is an open-source CMS. 

Wix: Wix is a simple website builder that is ideal for beginners and people with minimal or negligible knowledge of coding. However, the platform does not compromise with quality and provide a professional product in a shorter time. 

  • Usability

WordPress: Creating and deploying websites using WordPress takes a bit of skill. However, the platform is still having required basic knowledge of collating elements. Also, it is to be noted that its update and backups are to be created manually.   

Wix: Wix is an easy to use platform with no prior knowledge of coding required. It adopts a drag and drops approach in creating websites, making it ideal even for the beginners. It boasts more than 500 designer templates that further riches the experience. The website builder allows the user to register using their email ID, a quick signup process, and host it one the Wix server. 

  • SEO-Friendliness

WordPress: WordPress is an SEO friendly platform that can be conveniently recognized by search engines with a little bit of technical configuration. It features various SEO plugins that are helpful in optimizing the mechanism like titles and descriptions, images and much more. 

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Wix: Wix is also quite capable in the context of SEO friendliness. A person can easily boost up its visibility and hence the performance. It not only encourages sitemap integration but boasts basic features like search console integration. 

  • Cost

WordPress: WordPress involves purchasing a domain name and web hosting services from a third party. Also, the user will find most of the themes as paid, as well the extensions need to be purchased. 

Wix: Wix allows free set up with a private domain. Users always have the option to purchase a premium membership costing $5000 a month. The subscription is not forced upon the users; however, it is suggested to subscribe as the business flourishes.

  • Support Team

WordPress: It does not host a support team however it does not hamper the ability to extend support to their customers. Forums and online guides dedicated to WordPress are helpful enough to address the queries and challenges.

Wix: Wix extends has an established support team that efficiently deals with customers queries for a blissful experience.

Wrapping Up

After reading the article about Wix vs WordPress 2021 comparison, you must not be able to figure out the advantages of investing in WordPress. It is a robust platform making it reliable for the investment. 

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