10 Best DevOps Tools 2024 – You Must Check Out

best DevOps tools 2024

By adopting DevOps practices, organizations can deliver better quality software faster and with fewer errors. DevOps actively helps companies in improvement. It decreases the gap between developer and operational and brings both on a common platform.  What is DevOps? DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development and IT operations. The goal of … Read more

The Influence of AI-Talking Avatars on Digital Marketing

The Influence of AI-Talking Avatars on Digital Marketing

Have you ever seen talking computer characters in video or the voice? They’re called AI avatars or chatbots. These computer-made buddies chat with people using smart tech. Nowadays, businesses really like digital marketing. It’s how they connect with their audience and reach their goals. Both technologies are new and trending. Both technologies complement each other. … Read more

How to Make Jarvis with Dialogflow and Python?

how to make Jarvis with Dialogflow and Python

Jarvis with Dialogflow and Python is a type of conversational AI agent that uses the power of Dialogflow natural language processing platform to understand and respond to user input, and the flexibility of Python programming language to integrate with other tools and services. The agent can be built to perform specific tasks, like answering questions, … Read more

What Are Natural Language Processing (NLP) And Text Mining?

Text mining vs NLP

The role of artificial intelligence is crucial in today’s world. Almost every smart gadget that we see around has a component of artificial intelligence deeply incorporated in it.  Artificial intelligence is not an easy subject to understand, and even more complex it is to implement. Artificial intelligence has several components to it. Machine learning is … Read more