12 Best iPhone App Cloners To Duplicate Apps On iOS 2023

In today’s world, people want applications for everything, and more than that they want more of one application. The reason is that people want to do more. People need more than one application so that they can get double the results from it. For example, people want to have two WhatsApp accounts, but that is not possible on one app; that is why they try to use an app cloner ios. So, this helps them to use the second account. One of them can be used for personal purposes and the other one for professional purposes. All of this can increase the efficiency of the device.

These days many devices/operating systems provide this feature by default. Many applications allow users to create two copies of themselves and use two accounts on the same device. In this article, we will talk specifically about how to duplicate apps on iPhone ios 14 or 15.

Can You Duplicate Apps On iPhone Without Jailbreak?

Users who are using this device have the same confusion, is it possible to duplicate apps on iPhone without jailbreak. The applications listed below are all trusted by a lot of users so that you can find them in the app store and more on the web. There is no shortage of such applications, and they are perfectly legal. To clone an application for making better use of it is something most people would like to do. Make sure you do it only when your device has sufficient space and processing power. Before we read about the applications, we need to know about cloning. Many people have doubts about app cloning. You can know more about all of that below:

What Is Cloning?

Cloning an application means making an identical copy of it. The second copy is not at all related to the first one. Both applications have their sessions, and none of them intersects with the other. Though, because of this, both of them take space on the device as well. They have distinct app data and cache files. This increases the space that the application takes. But, that is the reason why it is recommended to people who have a lot of free space. The health of the device should also be good as the processor should be able to take the load of an extra application (Clone).

Without cloning applications, users have to log out of one account if they want to use another on the same device. That is not favourable if the user has to switch between multiple accounts continuously. Though there is one application on which you can easily use multiple accounts by using duplicate apps on iPhone, and that is Instagram. The latest update allows the users to add more than five accounts and, to switch between them, the user has to long-press the profile icon and they will see a list of all the accounts they have logged in to. Also, to switch between the top two accounts, they have to double-tap on the profile icon and the first profile will be switched with the second one in the list. And these are the top that was opened recently by the user.

All other applications take time and the users might even have to enter the login credentials every time they log in. That can be a bit frustrating if they have to switch between them regularly. Also, even if people switch between two WhatsApp accounts, they will either lose their chats or all the chats will get merged into one another. Also, every time a person logs out, they are removed from the groups they are in. This can add to the hassle. That is why people want to clone applications like WhatsApp and use two different accounts on one device. They can easily do that with the applications.

Is App Cloning Safe?

If you use the tools that are developed by trusted agencies then, you are not at risk. But, downloading an application from an unknown source can be risky. An application from an unknown source that allows you to clone your application can extract all the information that is available on the parent app. You might never know but, your chats, activities might be watched/recorded. This is a serious threat to your privacy and can put you in a lot of danger. To stay safe, it is always advised to download from trusted sources. The applications that are mentioned in the article are all trusted by a lot of iOS users. You can use this app cloner for ios without worrying about putting your information or device at the risk of being hacked.

People need to be alert, and cloning can be helpful in their day-to-day life. Many people are using clones of multiple apps on their devices and they are getting benefitted from that. They are not scared but they are just cautious and, once you know which cloning app to trust and which app cloner iPhone you need to avoid, you can smoothly choose between all the options that you have.

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Why Do People Clone Apps?

We already talked about this in the intro part that people want super clone apps for iPhone when they want to use two accounts simultaneously on one device. More reasons can be as follows:

  • To keep personal and professional accounts separate
  • To use an app at its best
  • Saving time that it takes to switch between multiple accounts

These are three more things that people use to duplicate apps ios. Some people have to do many things over their social media and that too only on their smartphones. Cloning applications allows them to take most benefits out of the device and the applications that they are using. No doubt that cloning the application can slow down the device as it takes space and, sometimes the cloned application can take up more space than the parent app.

It is important to know that if you uninstall the parent application, the cloned app will automatically be uninstalled. The opposite of the last is not true because if you clone the app, there will be no change in the parent application. This assures the user that nothing will go wrong with the parent app when they make changes in the clone app.

How To Duplicate Apps On iPhone?

To know how to duplicate apps on iPhone you need cloning applications. You might find other different methods on the internet but, they are not suggested as they may have risks. Using software that is not trusted might leak away from your private information or provide someone access to the application. These things might put a user in danger and that is not what the developers of iOS want. iOS is considered to be one of the safest mobile operating systems. This is the reason why here people can’t install every application like Android. A user either has to get the jailbreak done to install third-party applications, that is something that can play with the settings of the device.

To ensure that the device is safe, people need to download cloning applications from only trusted sources. It is better if they choose to download directly from the app store. The reason behind this is the verification that their team does before making any application live on the app store. Developers have to fulfill many requirements to get their application listed over the iOS app store. With time, they are improving their security. That is why there might be chances that even if some user tries to do something that the company doesn’t approve of, they might put an extra layer to identify the source of the app before installation.

10 Best iPhone App cloners to Duplicate Apps on iOS

These applications are all used by so many people around the world. There might be differences in terms of features, terms of performance, and some other things, but they are all trustable. Though you need to download them from the app store only because there are many duplicates of these duplicate apps iPad on the internet. So many people around the world want to get into the devices of people. It is not easy to get into iOS devices, and apps like these are their chance. That is why those people create fake dummies of these cloning apps and make the user download them and install them on their device. Once the user downloads the app and gives it access to the apps that are installed on the phone, there might be no going back.

This is why you are advised to download these apps from the app store or other iOS approved application download stores. 10 top apps are listed below, read about them in brief and choose the one that suits your requirements and make sure that you

  • Parallel Space Pro:

Parallel Space Pro

This is one of the best and most popular applications for iOS devices. The application has been there for a long time and is usually the first choice of users who want to create an app to clone iPhone of their favourite application. There are many reasons why people can choose these applications and, one of them is the interface that it provides. All applications in the list provide the same main function but, some things make a difference. In this, the interface stands out. The application looks premium and provides easy-to-use features to the users. Even a non-tech-friendly person can use it and make a clone of some application in the phone. You can create a clone of WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The best part is that you get privacy and assurance that the application won’t access the data, and it won’t store the login credentials in its database. This is something that most users are scared about but, with Parallel Space, they don’t need to worry.

  • Tutuapp:


Tutuapp is preferred by advanced users. This is because of the feature that it provides. These features might be difficult to understand and use for general people and, hence most general people don’t use this one. But, it is way better than general applications for technically strong people. This is an alternative store with extra functionalities. The application is mainly for the users who like to play games, download professional applications, and want multiple accounts to run on one device. There are modified applications, which means you can download another modified version of the same application that is already downloaded to your device from the app store. Now because this download a new modified application, there is no link between the two apps as both are standalone since they have their databases and none of them will affect the functionality of the other. No matter which one you uninstall, the other will stay the same.

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  • Dual Space:

Dual Space

This will seem a lot like Parallel space. Even if you have switched recently from android, you will still be able to understand how this application can help you in creating a copy of the app that you need. This is easy to use, has a simple interface, and has extra features to optimize the performance of the apps. The main problem that occurs is that the performance of the device gets different, the user can’t get the same performance from the apps. Both the spaces will share the storage hence if either of them is filled, the other space gets affected. This is a disadvantage of all the space cloning apps. Creating another space is just like creating a new user on your desktop PC. This can also be said as the best dual space app for iPhone. You can use the same apps for different users, and all users will have their separate information in their space.

  • Multi Social:

Multi Social to Make duplicate app in iphone

If you want an easy-to-use application that creates the clones of the applications that are installed on your device, Multi Social is the one for you. This application will ease the struggle. You have to download this on your device, open the app and follow what comes along and, in no time you will have the clone of the app that you want. Users need to be aware that space will also get filled and, if they create too many clones, they will be the ones who will suffer from the shortage of space later. Use this app to easily create clones of your social media applications and use multiple accounts without having to log out of any account.

  • 2Accounts:

2Accounts - Dual Apps Space

Multi User Switch is an iOS app that allows users to switch between multiple accounts on a single device. The app is designed to make it easy to manage multiple social media and messaging accounts, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, without having to log out and log back in every time.

The app also provides support for app cloning, allowing users to create and run multiple copies of the same app, each with its own settings and data. The app also allows users to customize the cloned app by changing its name, icon, and color, as well as enabling or disabling certain permissions and features.

2Accounts: Multi User Switch is available to download for free on the App Store for iOS devices. you can download the app.

  • Dual Space Lite:

Dual Space Lite

Earlier, you read about Dual Space and, this is the lite version though it is different it serves the same purpose of creating app clones. The biggest benefit is that it provides lightweight clones to the users. That means that the clones will be small in size and will run fast as they won’t take a lot of data. The performance of the features in the app might be reduced to optimize the speed. Many users don’t have a lot of space on their devices but, they still need app clones for their businesses or hobbies. This lite version application works as a savior to many people in need. When you need to find the answer to how to clone an app iPhone, you might not find this one, but here we put it out for you.

  • Social Duplicator:

Dual Accounts - Social Duplicator

Some people let their friends or family members use their iPhones for using their social media accounts. You either need to know how to clone an iPhone or, you need a simple option. Now, generally, they will have to log out from your account and then log in to their account. When they leave, you will have to log in to your account to start using it. This is time-consuming, frustrating, and is not at all something that people would want if this is something that happens regularly. To solve this, people can use social duplicators. This application allows people to create multiple instances of social media apps so that they can log in to multiple accounts on the same device. This is one of the best ways to use multiple accounts without having to log out and without having to provide too much space to another app.

  • Slices:


This is a tweak. It allows the users to have multiple accounts on one social platform and log in to all of them simultaneously. You can change the settings, create backups and do a lot more things with this application. This does not take a lot of physical space on the device. This application will become a best friend if you have to use multiple accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media apps. You can switch between accounts so that you don’t have to enter the credentials again and again or create a duplicate app. It saves a lot of time and makes the process super smooth. You can compare it with the account switch option on Instagram, where once you have logged in, you don’t have to provide credentials again to switch until you have logged out.

  • Dual Accounts Multi Space App:

Dual Accounts Multi Space App

This version of Dual accounts helps the users to log into multiple accounts in all the applications that are installed over their device. This is not restricted to just social media applications but to any application that requires sign-in. The application is trusted by many people and it has been providing great performance to them all these years. People can stay connected from two profiles as this is generally not possible from an iOS device. The best part is that even first-time users can get their hands on it in no time. They can understand how it works without having to take help from anyone. It offers a simple yet attractive interface to the users that make them keep coming back to the question of how to get the same app twice on iPhone.

  • Dual Accounts:

Most of the applications in our list are related to apps that allow you to log in to multiple social media accounts. This one again falls in the same category. People can use more than one social media account on their device on any social media application. They get the power to log in to two accounts and switch between them without any problems. You can connect several accounts on the same device with the help of this application. You don’t need to clone the app as you can add accounts and use it without the struggle of logging out from the already signed-in account. This is not possible when you are not using any app that works the same way.

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  • Dual Apps:

Dual Apps

Again, this is another application that allows you to connect more than one account on one application. This makes it easy to switch between multiple accounts and, you don’t even have to sacrifice a lot of your physical space. The users can choose a dual app on iPhone or any other similar applications if they want to switch between social media apps. This application is designed in such a way that it protects all the data, media, texts, login credentials that you have. There are no cases of anything getting leaked because of them. Their servers are strong, and they don’t even check what the users are doing within the app.

  • App Cloner

App Cloner

App Cloner is a popular app cloning tool for iOS that allows users to create and run multiple copies of the same app, each with its own settings and data. This means you can have multiple accounts for apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, all running simultaneously on the same device. The app also allows you to customize the cloned app by changing its name, icon, and color, as well as enabling or disabling certain permissions and features.

Unfortunately, App Cloner is not available on the App Store for iOS devices, as Apple’s strict guidelines do not permit multiple apps with the same bundle identifier. However, you can still use App Cloner on your iOS device by using an alternative app store like TweakBox, TutuApp, or AppValley. You can download these third-party app stores from their official website or using the link below.

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All the above-mentioned applications can be used to clone other applications or log in to multiple social media apps. The users need to divide which app they want to choose based on their requirements. If they just want to use multiple social media accounts, then they should choose any one of the social media multiple-account apps. It will be fast, and it will save a lot of space for them. Also, using two apps will create confusion, whereas, with multiple logins, you have to keep one app and the app that manages all other accounts. The cloning apps are also great and safe. Users need to pay attention to what they want before they choose any application.

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