What Celebrity Do I Look Like: Top 10 Celebrity Look Alike Apps & Features

Celebrities’ look-alike applications are wildly popular. These picture editing applications compare your image to that of a celebrity you most resemble. Simply submit a photo and use the celebrity look-alike filter to see who you look like. These applications use facial recognition technology to examine your facial characteristics, skin color, haircut, and other characteristics before matching you with your celebrity doppelganger.

With the celebrity look-alike app, millennials nowadays are loving it. They are astounded by the prospect of discovering one’s famous twin and broadcasting the results on social media.

The notion of which celebrity I look like is gaining popularity. They are astounded by the prospect of discovering one’s famous twin and broadcasting the results on social media. As a result, hundreds of such apps with outstanding celebrity look-alike filters are appearing on the market every day.


Smartphones and social media applications such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, among others, have taken the globe by storm in recent years. Everyone wants to take images and share them on social networking sites. According to Statista, the United States has one of the world’s highest rates of social media network penetration. Over 223 million Americans used social media platforms to submit images in 2020. This population is expected to rise to 243 million by 2025. This passion for snapping photos and publishing them to social media has opened up enormous opportunities for photo-sharing and celebrity look-alike applications.

Several commercial organizations and start-ups are creating mind-blowing picture applications in order to generate a consistent cash stream.  Celeb look alike apps are a current craze among millennials. These programs employ face detection software as well as top-tier analytics to assist people in identifying superstars who resemble them.

Top 10 Celeb Look-Alike Applications


Gradient app is one of the well-known celebrity look-alike applications, with outstanding features and a flawless user experience that has captivated a large number of app users. To assist clients in locating renowned lookalikes, the software employs a hybrid of AI and beautification algorithms.

Gradient- Celebrity Look Alike

With this software, users can just submit a snapshot of themselves, and the AI system will find your celebrity look alike. There are also other photo-editing options that contribute to an outstanding user experience. The app’s features are all created with the user’s safety as the primary purpose.

Gradient’s most notable characteristics:

  • AI-powered picture app with built-in doppelganger functionality
  • Users may get an AI portrait solution from this company
  • A collection of hair filters that includes a clever hair collaging tool
  • Exclusive beauty elements and creative filters will keep people interested
  • It has a skin tone option that allows you to change your skin tone
  • To transform an image into a cartoon figure, use the AI Cartoon style function
  • To make amazing portraits, use the background blurring tool
  • AI technology is used to calculate beauty scores.
  • Android and iOS versions are available.


Celebs - Celebrity Look Alike

One other famous superstar look-alike app in the photos and photoshop area is Celebs. The software recommends appropriate personality matches to consumers by utilizing artificial intelligence technology. One of the application’s standout characteristics is its precision degree. It can identify expressions and employs a strong facial detection technology to provide the greatest potential customer interface.

A number of criteria enable consumers to carefully tweak the findings and guarantee that they seem exactly like their renowned doppelganger. Finally, the program asserts that it is absolutely free. It is a fast, entertaining, and incredibly interesting program that rarely trades reliability of findings.

Celebs’ most notable characteristics:

  • It includes a database of over 1,000 celebrities with which to compare the user’s selfies
  • Provides rapid comparisons with great accuracy
  • Finds twin faces using facial recognition technologies
  • Users may also find out what animal they resemble
  • Instagram and Snapchat are both highly compatible
  • The users are completely free
  • Android and iOS versions are available.

Star By Face

Star by Face- celebrity look alike

Star By Face is an image generation application or a celebrity look alike generator. When a user submits a snapshot, the software alters it to seem exactly like the celebrity’s face. The software employs powerful facial recognition technology to precisely recognize the user’s face data and make appropriate adjustments in line with the celebrity’s facial data.

One of the most appealing aspects of this software is that it is fully secure and confidential. It does not collect or keep any user data or personal information. Once the facial recognition procedure is complete, all photographs are erased. Finally, users may quickly share the results on various social networking networks by clicking on the what celebrity do I look like upload photo option.

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The most notable aspects of Star By Face:

  • It comes with a fantastic assortment of celebs
  • Machine learning technology is used to give highly relevant results
  • Ensures that each filtered photo has a good resolution
  • It has a very user-friendly UI
  • Android and iOS versions are available.

My Replica

Replika- My AI Friend

My Replica is a user-friendly photo editing program that allows users to add professional touches to their photos. It allows individuals to post selfies and compare them to their celebrity match. This includes well-known actors, politicians, singers, athletes, historical figures, and many more.

The software also allows users to post modified images on other social networking networks such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and others. It is a complete solution that includes picture-perfect touches for applying the greatest filters to their celebrity face match.

The most notable characteristics of My Replica:

  • Allows users to compare their faces to those of most celebrities
  • Utilizes HD technology to aid in the recognition of human faces in digital photos
  • Allows for rapid and professional picture editing
  • Uses face recognition technologies to track for famous doppelgangers
  • Provides extremely exact and precise results
  • A large collection of famous faces from many fields such as entertainment, music, history, sports, politics, and education, among others.
  • Android and iOS versions are available.


Y-Star- Celebrities Look Alike

Y-Star is one of the most popular celebrity look alike apps used by individuals all over the world. One of the best aspects of this program is the ability to transform photographs in a couple of milliseconds.

When a person installs and runs the software, it automatically collects and stores their biometric information via the front cameras. As a consequence, if users want to alter their look, the program quickly gathers all information and proposes the best famous appearance. As a result, it assists users in determining the best response to the question, ‘Who is my celebrity look alike?’

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Y-most Star’s notable characteristics:

  • When users click from their front camera, the app automatically returns the best results
  • Provides consumers with very appealing visuals
  • Provides full support for high-definition images
  • Creates a face map using several facial points to get the greatest celebrity match
  • Android and iOS versions are available.


Look alike - Celebrity top app

The Look-Alike software allows users to find celebrities who look alike in minutes. The app has no restrictions on locating celebrities from various businesses. Men might also hunt for female lookalikes and vice versa. With this software, users can simply upload their photos and be matched with the celebrity they most closely resemble.

The app’s estimate is based on face traits such as eyes, nose, mouth, and so on. It analyzes random images, examines their facial traits, and employs an innovative algorithm to determine the answer of “What celebrity do I look like?”. Users may also publish their results on other social networking networks such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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The most notable characteristics of Look-Alike:

  • It has an easy-to-use design and a large library of celebrities
  • Provides exact twin suggestions for a perfect fit
  • Allows users to share the findings on various social media networks
  • The software is entirely free to download
  • Android and iOS versions are available.


Looky - celebrity Lookalike

Looky is quite simple to use. It’s a fantastic program that’s also quite easy to use. Users must snap selfies straight from the app. If the server searches and presents the matching results and you are pleased, then try again. It looks like the app’s popularity can be attributed to its ease of use.

Looky App has the following features:

  • In the first stage, you should either shoot a selfie directly in the app or choose one from his smartphone’s gallery
  • The server looks for and provides the results of celebrity matches
  • If you are dissatisfied with the outcome, try again to locate your equivalent. A second try may be more fruitful
  • It’s time to publish your search results on your preferred social network
  • Because of its simplicity, this program has grown to become one of the greatest celebrity look-alike applications and has acquired popularity.


Facer – Celebrity You Look Like

Facer app is incredibly popular and in great demand among users. Few apps can compete with the Facer app in terms of giving a diverse variety of options and functionality. It has a massive library of celebrity photographs, with over 1000 prominent faces represented.

It, like several other applications, pairs you with three celebrities and displays a resemblance percentage alongside each one. It then allows you to save, modify, and share the outcome using a variety of modifications and filters, along with a “cartoon” option that transforms your face into the product of an animation.

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Facer App Features:

  • The app suggests three celebrities with whom the user shares the most similarities
  • A percentage of similarity is assigned to each proposed choice
  • The application offers a large database of images of notable individuals (actors, athletes, politicians, musicians, bloggers).

Who Do I Look Like

Who Do I Look Like is another great celebrity look-alike app. The Who Do I Look Like app can help you determine whether or not their view is correct. It will analyze your photo, look at face attributes such as the color of your eyes and hair, the shape of your ears, and so on, and then offer you its judgment.

It compares faces using Amazon’s machine learning, and in addition to automatically picking a celebrity for you, it also allows you to choose one for it to study. Workers are continually improving and optimizing the app, and they are even growing the already remarkable database of over 1000 celebrities. Finally, even premium features are available for free, allowing anybody to make use of the app’s potential.

Who Do I Look Like features:

  • Amazon delivers a unique machine learning algorithm. It ensures excellent recognition accuracy
  • a large database including pictures of almost 1,000 celebrities
  • free access to the finest features of the aforementioned celebrity app.


LikeStar- Make your face look like a celebrity

We all wish we looked like affluent and famous individuals, in some ways. We observe their lives, occasionally wishing we might have a piece of it. For Android users, Likestar is the finest celebrity lookalike app. A star app is only a genie who grants your request. You might feel pretentious just by following these methods.

First, you must include your snap. Second, give your celebrity photo filter a name. Finally, change the percentage of similarity from 0% to 100%. It’s a simple procedure. You’ll notice an amazing result on your face in a matter of seconds! You may post your match on any social networking platform, such as Facebook or Twitter. If only the outcome had not disappointed you! In this situation, you may try again. Maybe you just picked the incorrect picture.


  • More than 200 free celebrity picture filters
  • A high-quality image
  • In-app purchases are available
  • Change the size of your image to improve its efficacy.

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Nowadays, practically everyone is glued to mobile phones and, in particular, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, as well as Snapchat. The ability to take images and share them with friends and family members, as well as their location, is improving on a regular basis. In 2019, 246 million individuals in the United States utilized social media for this reason. This figure is expected to rise to 257 million by 2023. People are also becoming more interested in snapping selfies, which is consuming entertainment at a rapid pace.

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