IG Story Viewer Order 2024: The Algorithm Behind the Order of Views on Instagram Stories

In the year 2017, Instagram launched a new feature, called Instagram Stories. It gained massive popularity in no time. It surpassed Snapchat in terms of audience size and average duration of usage per person. Today, the number of users on Instagram has hit more than 500 million who make use of Instagram stories daily. But a lot of users have a curiosity about how to see who looks at your Instagram. In what order, does Instagram show the list of viewers? Can it be changed or altered in any way? In this article, we will address all the queries. This article will give you details about how the algorithm behind these Instagram stories works.

What does the order of Instagram story viewers mean?

The order is determined by Instagram’s algorithm, which takes into account factors such as how often you interact with the person who posted the story, the timing of when you viewed the story, and your past interactions with the person’s content. It’s also important to note that Instagram does not show the full viewer list for a story and only shows the people who have viewed it in the past 24 hours.

In general, the people who are listed at the top of the viewer list are likely to be people you interact with the most on Instagram, such as your close friends and family. However, it is not a definite indicator of the closeness of the relationship with the person who posted the story.

Importance Of Stories On Instagram:

Most people say the Instagram story view is a copied feature from Snapchat. This might be true but the way this feature is used on Instagram, it might never reach that level on Snapchat. People can use it strictly to show their pictures or videos on Snapchat but on Instagram, it has many other uses as well. Brands use it to promote themselves, and their products and interact with people.

Key Benefits of Instagram Stories

  • Increased Visibility & Reach: Stories have prime placement at the top of a user’s feed, making them significantly more visible than regular posts. This translates to greater reach and exposure for your content.
  • Build Stronger Engagement: The interactive features of Stories (polls, quizzes, questions, etc.) foster two-way conversations with your audience. This boosts engagement levels and keeps people coming back for more.
  • Showcase Authenticity & Personality: Stories provide a less polished, more “behind-the-scenes” look at your brand or life. People connect with real, relatable content, and Stories foster that level of authenticity.
  • Humanize Your Brand: Consumers love seeing the people behind the brand. Stories let you put a face (and personality!) to your business, making you more approachable and trustworthy.
  • Drive Traffic: With the swipe-up function (if you have over 10K followers) or link stickers, you can seamlessly direct users to your website, product pages, or other online destinations.
  • Promote Products & Services: Stories are great for showcasing product launches, sneak peeks, special offers, and customer testimonials in a casual, engaging way.
  • Stay Top-of-Mind: Consistent posting keeps your brand visible and reminds followers why they love you. Since Stories expire after 24 hours, there’s less pressure to be picture-perfect, encouraging more frequent posting.
  • Gather Insights: Instagram Stories provide analytics on views, interactions, and completion rate, helping you understand what resonates with your audience.

Some people also want to see the order of Instagram stories feed. This might make them seem a bit compulsive, but it is important for the growth of their business. They have to plan campaigns, and design or shoot advertisements accordingly, and thus the analytics and timestamps are important for that. If not time, then they should be able to know who watched the story first.

In this article, you will understand the importance and algorithm behind the story view list. The procedure of its creation, and other aspects of it. There are many things that you will understand while reading the article.

How Does Instagram Arrange Views On A Story?

Almost every Instagram user must have noticed one common thing. The account with which one user has the most interaction is shown at the foremost point of the Instagram story viewer list. This method is consistent for almost every Instagram profile. There is a very advanced procedure running behind this feature. The Instagram calculation makes use of an extraordinary AI motor specially programmed for the story feature. It perceives various activities of every profile such as likes, DMs, comments, profile views, and more. Based on the mentioned interactions, it orders various profiles from high to low. Therefore thinking that it will depend on the number of followers or following accounts will be wrong. It depends on the person’s activities rather than his/her followers or the following list.

Order of Views on Instagram Stories

There have been numerous attempts to explore the specific arrangement of the stories on Instagram for the order people see stories. Two explanations have been ascertained so far for this process:

  • According to the Instagram story viewer order in 2024, if the total number of viewers is less than or equal to 50, the list goes on sequentially. In other words, people who watch or go through your stories first will appear higher on the list than the people who rarely view what you upload as your Instagram story.
  • If your profile has more than 50 followers, and the story you put gets more than 50 viewers overall, then the order isn’t turned out by the former system. The accounts that share the most connection with you will appear first and the rest of the accounts will follow as mentioned above.

Why Was The Order Changed By Instagram?

Instagram keeps updating its algorithm and it’s hard to predict what is coming next. If one keeps a check on how the story is uploaded and viewed, it is evident that they will notice some significant changes. Instagram story viewer order changed in 2024 for good.

The reason behind this is that the Instagram algorithm makes an effort to show what the user needs. This means it attempts various processes to show what other people are up to by improving the user’s rundown. This policy of Instagram changes from time to time. The company has often termed it as an effort to increase engagement among users and has said that their steps are taken for the betterment of the application. Instagram focuses on connecting people, businesses, and influencers and has to keep up with time and that is why it changes the order of story viewers. Can you see who views your Instagram story? The answer is yes. But what if you have a large number of followers?

Every time the order is changed, the users get to see a new set of people on top. This makes the app interesting and avoids monotonous story viewing. Users get to view a different person on top every time they open the application. If you are an Instagram user with a huge number of followers, it becomes hard to see what every follower on your list is doing. Likewise, it is impossible to know how to see who views your Instagram profile. And if the order of the story always goes as per interactions, it may be possible that you might not see more than what your close friends and relatives are doing. Despite having so many followers and following, you will only live in a shell. Understanding this situation, Instagram changed the order and will continue to do so in the future.

How To Get At The Top Of The Viewers List In Your Follower’s Story?

As already mentioned, the more engagement there will be, the higher the position will be in the viewer list. On the other hand, your Instagram stories will also be visible to the users you interact with the most too. This is the reason why so many businesses and influencers share each other’s stories and other interesting posts on their page. This is an organic way of maximizing the reach and increasing engagement.

There are plenty of applications that help in scheduling Instagram accounts and activities related to them. They help in planning social media platforms and use Instagram accounts to their best.

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To choose one from the web, the user has to monitor the features and the functionalities the app provides closely. The app has to understand the Instagram story view algorithm in 2024. An intelligent choice can lead to thousands of followers and a successful profile, while a bad choice can also lead to irregular interaction and ultimately failure. Apps and websites that are designed to manage Instagram accounts generally do the following tasks:

  1. Scheduling of posts and stories
  2. Managing account and its features
  3. Gaining more than 300 active and organic followers every month
  4. Designing a landing page along with a bio-link
  5. Monitoring of hashtags
  6. Reposting content.

Following these, you can get ahead in the Instagram story view order.

How to Maximize Your Instagram Story Strategy

  • Prioritize Interactive Elements: Include polls, questions, quizzes, and even the simple “Ask Me Anything” feature to increase active engagement.
  • Get Creative: Utilize stickers, GIFs, music, and other tools to make your Stories more dynamic and visually appealing.
  • Mix It Up: Combine photos, videos, and text to offer a varied feed.
  • Use Story Highlights: Save your best Stories as thematic highlights on your profile to make them a permanent part of your page.
  • Cross-Promote: Mention your Stories in your regular feed posts and vice versa to maximize visibility.
  • Use Story Ads: Invest in sponsored Instagram Stories to reach a broader audience that fits your target demographic.

 Is The Order Of Viewers Important?

If you are handling the Instagram profile of a business, then the order of Instagram story viewers 2024 might be a matter of concern for you but if you are just using your account, any specific order is not necessary.

However, the Instagram story algorithm is important for businesses as they have to create a relationship with their followers and other people who watch their stories. They might have to host a campaign or giveaway where they give the first 100 viewers a prize or any of their products or reveal something to only a specific group of people. This is one of the many measures business owners, and other organizations might take to increase the engagement of their profile hence branding their company. If you don’t have any such agenda, it hardly matters who saw your story first and who saw it last. People are often interested in knowing who viewed their story when and that is something that just takes up much of their time.

Instagram algorithm already works inexplicably and people who want to learn how these things function make the platform even more complex. Acquiring this kind of information is mandatory and also highly profitable for brands. Curiosity is a good feat; however, not everyone needs to follow everything that they read. If you have read about the order of Instagram story viewers, being well informed about it is good, but you should not be constantly curious about out who saw your story first. This will only keep you in a constant state of anxiety. That is not a good sign and can also be considered a side effect of social media.

The Mystery Behind This Algorithm

If you are someone who likes keeping track of your IG story viewer order 2024 and want to know who viewed it, then we are going to give the game away. Precisely, no one knows how Instagram shows you the order of who viewed your story. This is not accurately decided by who watched it first. That is the case in the beginning, but you have to keep coursing through your viewer’s list every once in a while, and you will see people getting added to the list. But, this will consume a lot of your time. There are confusions when multiple people see your story around the same time and then when you watch the people who viewed your story, it is jumbled up. This is the reason why people don’t pay less heed to this. It becomes utterly intricate and inaccurate after the number of viewers on the story escalates by a huge amount. It gets even more confusing when more than 60-80 people have watched your story.

behind Instagram story viewer order algorithm

Some theories suggest that people who don’t interact much with the content that is posted by you appear at the top of the list. This suggests that lurkers or stalkers who just want to see what you are putting up on your profile but don’t want to register their presence too heavily are listed up so that you keep them in your eyes. These people who follow this theory state that this is done to make the brands or people aware of these profiles that might be fake or might be watching them silently. Many theories are floating around the internet but none of them can guarantee that they have figured out the algorithm properly. This is the reason why most people just assume things about how does Instagram story views work.

Instagram is really difficult to understand and it is just based on assumptions till now. For now, you have to work around these assumptions until someone cracks the code, or Instagram itself releases a document that explains Instagram story viewers order 2024.

The Truth Behind The Order Of Your Instagram Story Viewers

Many people have researched about this and they have found out various detailings and it turns out that there is a specific pattern according to which it works. The theory that suggested that stalkers and lurkers, i.e., the people who don’t interact with your content, are placed at the top might be partially true. Because, even though they might not be on the top, they are in the top 10-15 people on the list.

This has been deduced after going through the Instagram story viewer order of many profiles. These people have tried to find out who has been interacting and who has been just lurking around. It was visible that the people who just viewed the story and had not liked any post or commented on them were in the top part. This shows that Instagram might be pushing these kinds of people up on the list. It might be there to tell people about the people who might be just taking your information for personal gain or otherwise.

 IG Order Of Viewers Important

These might be fake accounts or people who just want to keep track of what you post and choose to be silent. However, this can be seen when several people have seen your story. If you get more than 50-60 views on your story, then you can find a pattern between the views. Put stories at different times and see how people on the list are being shown. If you find a pattern, you might find what the order of Instagram stories means. This might even be different for different accounts.

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People who had found some information were not confident that Instagram story views order might be true for everyone around them. It might be possible that Instagram uses different algorithms for public and private accounts and general and business accounts. There is no clear guideline on how the list will be made. Some studies have shown that some people get the same people at the top of the list, no matter when they upload the story. Now, it might not be possible that those people always saw their stories in the same order at every time of the day. This just suggests that there is a specific algorithm that is followed by the social media giant but it is yet to be understood or revealed.


If you are one of those people who always wonder why the same set of people appears on top of your IG story viewer list, this article might have cleared your doubts. There are many things like this that people don’t understand about Instagram but this is where your doubts end. Every answer is available on the Internet. Just keep yourself open to asking Google any question that comes to your mind and you will stumble upon interesting and informative articles like this. Instagram is a bit mysterious with its algorithms and the way they change it makes it even more difficult for us to decode them.

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People still haven’t understood how to see who viewed your Instagram story and how they changed the algorithm of posts and story reach. The reach has been under the ground, people are still struggling to get views on their stories and Instagram is still not giving a rational explanation. However, the influencers, entrepreneurs, and others will not give in to this algorithm. Reels, IGTV, Stories, Posts, Tags, Hashtags, we’ll use it all and make sure that everyone gets to see what is relevant to them. Influencers and businesses are making new ways to increase their reach and those ways are working very well. We hope that by now you are well acquainted with how the order of viewers is decided.

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