10 Best Instagram Story Viewers In 2022 (Watch IG Stories Anonymously & Free)

People these days are obsessed with social media, and in that too, they are more obsessed with Instagram. Many of these people want to see what others are doing without being noticed. Though it might sound wrong, it is possible. There are so many applications on the web and play store that can help you fulfill this purpose. If you are one of those people who want a special software that can help you view others’ stories and do other things, then you may find this article interesting. Many applications help in more things as well. One of the most important uses is reposting the stories. You can download and repurpose content with proper credits. These are just a few things that you can do. It is on your creativity and strategy development skills on how you make use of these tools. There are many things that you can do other than just watching people do stuff. Some marketing pages need stories of other influencers to create case studies on them. Then some stories have great significance, and you might want to preserve them. All these things can be done with one of the many tools that are listed down below.

All the tools that are listed in this article are legal and have no hidden use-case that allows the users to create any damage to anyone’s privacy. They are just developed to download the videos and stories that are posted on someone’s Instagram account. It is something that is done in the industry to use each other’s content. Posting something that someone else has posted is not that easy because there is no in-built download feature on Instagram. That is why the developers had to take a smart move and find a third-party way of doing the same things but in a different way. It can’t be considered intrusion as these tools can’t get inside the private profiles, and they only can download or view the content of public profiles. That can be done without these tools as well but there are chances that the user will know if you have seen their story. With an Instagram story viewer of 2022, you can do that anonymously. So, if you any day wanted to become a detective or wanted to solve a mystery undercover, get on and let’s glide through the list of these amazing tools that we have listed below.

Some Secrets Of Third-Party Apps

Some of you might be surprised, but there are so many things you can do with the third-party applications connected to Instagram. You can download stories, posts, profile pictures, and yes, that too without them knowing. All of this can be done because the developers were able to find the way through the architecture of the social media platform that is making everyone crazy. For example, let’s understand how people download profile pictures or become anonymous Instagram viewers. It is done with just some logic. The developers know that the users upload the full picture, and that picture is stored on the server. A space holder is made in a way that shows just a small part of it. And, unlike Facebook or WhatsApp, users can’t just tap and see the full picture. But, they discovered that the address of the space holder might have the full image, and that solved the issue.

Developers are smart, present the problem, and in a minute, hour, day, week, month, or a year, they will find a solution. And that is the reason why the development industry is not slowing down. There are no chances of the mobile app development industry going behind any other technology in the race because of so many reasons.

There are many such applications for many other social media platforms. They can be used either for free or at some charge. Though some applications are a total fraud, and they are the ones who tell you that they can “Hack ” social media accounts. No application can hack a social media account, and if there is one, the app stores are at their toes to ban them. Most applications that even talk about anything like hacking accounts are not approved on these stores. The reason is that they want to make their users feel safe, and everything else comes afterward. There are many hidden secrets of third-party applications. But, the applications that we are going to discuss after this hide no secrets. One can use social media platforms like Instagram being anonymous. They do what they say and what they say is not illegal.

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Though, if anyone uses it for something wrong, then it is not the responsibility of app developers. People can do wrong even without these apps, and we can’t control the way an individual behaves towards something. Applications are made to solve a problem but not to create four more because of it. These applications are also meant to solve a problem and not create more that can harm privacy or something like that. People need to understand that it is best to keep the accounts private if they don’t want random people checking out their posts or stories.

People like reporters, and media professionals, will love the tools that are mentioned below. Make sure that you keep your mind clear before you start reading the tools that are listed below:

Qoob Stories

Qoob stories are a powerful as well as an effective tool for an Instagram viewer. It is also a mass downloader of everything that is shared on social media platforms. With the help of the Qoob stories app, one can download almost anything posted on Instagram. The downloadable files can include Instagram stories, photos as well as videos. There is an option of automating the story’s saving process. You just have to add your favorite username, and it lets you anonymously watch their stories.

Dumpor - Free and private Instagram story viewer

Dumpor is a free insta story view tool that helps users watch stories and download content with only a few clicks. It is a clutter-free application best suited for an Instagram account analysis. It greets the user with a text box and asks to enter the username. Upon feeding the username, this tool starts its work and displays everything the user wants to know.

Inflact - IG story viewer for 2022

Inflact is not only a typical Instagram story viewer but also a social media marketing tool. It allows individuals or businesses to make the best use of this social media platform and gain information about what strategies would be suitable to get more sales. It is not a private Instagram story viewer, but it does some fabulous work when it comes to marketing. It also facilitates user interaction via chatbots in addition to story viewing and downloading.

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Stories Down Instagram Story Viewer & Downloader

You get to access Instagram profiles with this tool without even logging into your account. That is what assures you that the user will not know if you have watched their story or not. The application has a simple interface, and it allows you to do much more than just watch the stories. This app asks you for the username of the person whose profile you want to access, and you will get every information that they have shared in their public profile. Even better, you get to download the photos and videos in the original quality. That means you will not have to deal with quality issues when you repost that content (Better to post if with credits of the original account).

Anon IG Viewer

We don’t think that we need to say much about this name after you read it. Yes, the application allows you to view Instagram anonymously. You will not be noticed by the user even if you view a story that they uploaded just a second ago. Just feed this application with the username of a profile, make sure that it is not private and see what happens. You get all the data that is available on the profile, and that too sometimes, all for free. This tool can be used to take content off artist profiles or marketing profiles as they put out content that can be reused. There are no tools that can help you with private profiles, and hence you should stop trying your luck.


This free-to-use application allows you to watch Instagram stories anonymously and posts of public Instagram profiles. The features of the app support the name, but we suggest you not use it for the same purpose. Here we just want to suggest that you can use this app for marketing or research purposes and nothing else. Stalking and other things involving the misuse of someone’s private content can put you in trouble. You may get caught under cybercrime. These days the norms are getting strict, and you never know what can attract problems. That is why it is better to stick to the good things and use this free tool to make things better.

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Insta Stories is one of the best applications in this category. It has a very simple yet cool interface that lets you do exactly what you sign up for. You can view Instagram stories anonymously with the help of this application. Not just can you watch stories anonymously, you can view their posts, their highlights, and their videos. That is not enough? You don’t even have to register on the application and you can download all the content that is very high quality. You just have to give the username, and the platform will fetch all the available information and serve it to you.


It is another great application that lets you become a ninja and see stories without getting tracked or you can say it lets you become an anonymous Instagram story viewer. Yes, you will be able to view the stories, download them and repost them on your social media with your interpretation. Make sure that you are not posting or posing as the person on some other profile, or it may put you into trouble. Posing as someone else on social media and taking their content is a cybercrime. Though you can still use their content that is available in the public domain and have your interpretation of it. Now, there are limitations in the free version but that you can solve them by switching to the pro version. One of the advantages of it being a freemium application is that the stories are downloaded in very high resolution.

Story Saver

It is very similar to the Profile Plus + Story Repost that is described below and proved to be the best Instagram viewer. However, it is for iOS, and this one is for Android. You can use this to view stories of profiles without getting into the list of viewers. That will keep you anonymous and also lets you save the stories so that you can repost them. It is a great tool for marketing agencies. It is more helpful for the ones dealing in social media marketing.

If you are an iOS user, then you are going to love this. You don’t have to download anything extra on your device after you get this app on your device. With the help of the Profile Plus + Story Reposter app, you can watch the stories of Instagram users anonymously. Though, this can’t be done if the profile is private. All you need to do is copy the username or enter it manually in this IG story viewer. The best part is, that even though it is not possible to view the stories of your friends with private profiles, you can see the private profiles of some very popular users on Instagram. Now, there are limits with the free version, and one of the limits says that you can only see one account per day. To remove all the limits and watch and repost stories without having to deal with ads and more, you can switch to the pro version.

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Duration Of The Stories Posted On Instagram

Instagram stories are generally 15 seconds long. If the video that is being posted as a story is longer than that, the app breaks it down into different parts, and none of them exceeds 15 seconds. The main motive of stories was to provide bit size video/interactive content to the users. They disappear in 24 hours and can generate better responses than a post. When someone is watching a story, they are not getting distracted by anything else on the screen, they are just watching it. Nothing else covers the screen when the stories are opened. You can use the above-mentioned apps to view Instagram stories anonymously. Then some highlights are just derivatives of stories, but they are stories kept for a long time.

Most people don’t use all the features that Instagram provides them with. Businesses can use stories and highlights to get more engagement and because they are short and interactive, they are great for retaining and conversions as well. Let’s understand more about the highlights feature on Instagram.

Why Did Instagram Come Up With Highlights?

So, why did the social media platform come with Highlights when stories were meant to disappear by themselves in 24 hours. Adding the highlights feature just contradicts the main motive of the story feature. But, that is not right. It is because there are layers to this feature. Firstly, the users have proper control over which story goes into the highlights, and they can also distribute them in different highlights. Now, when they have control over adding them, they can also delete them as per their wish. Instagram already allowed the users to save the stories into archives, now they could either repost it someday or they could just show it to other people. Instagram thought about it and found a better way to showcase some stories on the profile even after the 24-hour timer goes out. Highlights can be added directly from the posted stories or the archive. You need to understand that if you haven’t turned “save stories to archives” on, you might not be able to add them to highlights after they have been disappeared.

One major difference between highlights and stories is that we can see who can view Instagram stories, but you can’t see who viewed our highlights, though you can see who viewed the highlight if you add it while it is still a story that means before 24-hours.

Highlights are great for brands as they can build a catalog or present the best of their products through them. You can also repost stories in which you have been tagged, and you can showcase them in the highlights as well. Whenever someone opens a profile, the first thing they see are the stories (by tapping on the profile picture), and then they see the highlights. One can watch insta stories being anonymous as well as their highlights easily with these tools. Highlights can be used to attract people and to show them what matters the most. One thing that you can do to make it simple for users is to give every highlight a name. It will tell them which highlight they need to open for the stories that are relevant to them.

Few Final Words

All the applications as mentioned above are tested by us and used by many other users to view Instagram stories anonymously. You can check out reviews on the app stores and then choose whether you want to go with these or not. We made sure that we aren’t biased about any of these applications and presented you with a balanced review of all these apps. They all are helpful in one or another. Though some people might not want the extra features, they can choose the apps that do what they want. It is something that people need to understand that they have to keep their requirements clear before they go out on a search for the perfect applications. There are so many options, if you are coming for them without any specific requirement, you may get confused.

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Most people get into it without defining what they want, but these Instagram story viewer tools are very cool. You can decide the one that you feel is the best among them. Many applications will help you with things that you might not have even thought about. Keep your eyes and mind open; you may not know what you may see. Many things are there for your help; you just need to have an eye for them. If you have skipped any of the tools that are mentioned, do give them a read before you move ahead. There is something that you can find on all of them. Instagram story viewer apps are being used worldwide, and there is no negative legal impact of it. Just make sure that you are not doing anything wrong with them. The privacy policies are getting very strict in every region of the world, and you need to comply with them.

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