GTA Online: Top 5 Lowriders in the game

GTA V Online was released way back in 2013. With its engaging Multiplayer Role-playing, GTA V is realistic as well as relatable. What makes GTA more relevant than its amazingly accurate dynamics are the cars which feature in the game. 

Standing true to its franchise name- Grand Theft Auto, the GTA V Online is as much about the Auto as it gets. The arsenal of cars and supercars which features in the game can put any real-life car show to shame. GTA Online has a total of 13 lowriders available for players to try out. 

#. Willard Faction 

It is the very first lowrider to be introduced with the introduction of Benny’s Original Motorworks. It is a T-topped vehicle with a squared-off body. It has become one of the most historic lowriders in the game. You can purchase this baby from Benny’s Original Motorworks in GTA Online for $36,000. But remember to select Faction custom and not the Faction custom Dunk as they are two very different vehicles.

#. Declasse Tornado

This lowrider was introduced very recently in the game. What makes it so classic is that you can find one with a worn rusty orange paint-job in the city’s sandy shores. But once you take it to Benny’s Original Motorworks it is converted from a hard-top to a soft-top, not allowing the players to choose. It is also available for purchase for $30,000 at Benny’s Original Motorworks. 

#. Vapid Slam Van

It was originally introduced as a Christmas vehicle in GTA Online in the Christmas DLC. But it has been resurfaced and revamped in GTA Online allows players to take it over to Benny’s Original Motorworks. Being revamped it was released for the more expensive end of the spectrum costing around $325,000 to $329,000 at Benny’s Original Motorworks depending on if bought before or after the update released for this vehicle. Currently, you can buy this sweet ride for $49,500 at Benny’ in GTA Online.

#. Declasse Saber Turbo

It is not only the last lowrider added to GTA Online, but it will also be the last one unless Rockstar Games decides to introduce more. It costs $490,000 just to upgrade its hydraulics making it one of the costliest cars in the game.

#. Albert li Buccaneer

Just like the Willard Faction, Albert li Buccaneer was one of the very first lowriders to be introduced with the introduction of Benny’s Original Motorworks. It looks like it belongs to a mobster with clean flowing lines above the body line with big wheels. It is also one of the vehicles which were in the game since the release of GTA V itself. You can purchase this from Benny’ in GTA Online for $29,000 or you can even find it as you roam the streets of Los Santos. 

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