How Technology has Evolved Amid Coronavirus?

How Technology has Evolved Amid Coronavirus

Technology has always worked towards improving our lives. There is a proverb ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’, and it stands true to its sense. Every year we see a lot of technological inventions that add value and convenience to our lives.  This time it is due to the outbreak of Coronavirus that has created … Read more

Top 5 WordPress Frontend Posting Plugins

frontend post wordpress plugin

At present, you would come across frontend posting options in the majority of websites. This feature does not make it easier for all your contributors to add information to your website quickly, but at the same time, it also becomes easier for them to interact with your website without logging into your backend and then … Read more

VR and AR Trends People are Swearing by in 2020

VR and AR Trends People are Swearing 2020

There couldn’t be a better time to be alive for technology lovers than this. Every year, a breakthrough technology makes it to the tech world. Perhaps the two most evolving technological fields in this era are VR and AR. Things become even better when you combine these both with AI.  Want to read an article on … Read more