Top 25 Angular 15 Interview Questions And Answers 2023

Angular 15 Interview Questions and Answers

Are you getting prepared for an Angular developer’s dream career? Or have you maybe decided to shift to an independent Angular Developer career? What are Angular 15 interview questions? Angular still dominates the JavaScript domain and has repeatedly proven to be a befitting incentive to invest in web designers who are trying to quickly track … Read more

Top 10 Microservice Design Patterns Examples & Principles: Building Scalable Cloud-Based Applications

microservices design patterns

Hi everyone! If you’re using Microservice architecture and want to learn key design patterns and principles to improve your application, you’re in the right place. We’ll discuss essential patterns like Event Sourcing, Circuit Breaker, Saga, CQRS, Strangler, and API Gateway, as well as principles like Scalability, Flexibility, and Resiliency. Microservices are often preferred over monolithic … Read more

12 User Interface Customization Tips for Mac Owners

User Interface Customization Tips for Mac Owners

When you purchase a MacBook, you get more than just a powerful machine – you also get an incredible operating system with an innovative UI.  The user interface of the MacBook is designed to make it easy to access your applications and files while ensuring that all of the features are intuitively organized and hassle-free … Read more