Google parent company Alphabet Testing a Website for Coronavirus Screening

With coronavirus spreading all over the world, everyone is taking precautionary measures at their level. Everyone is doing their best to be safe from the world pandemic. Since the time, WHO declared the virus a pandemic, it has been making news continuously. It is rising at such a speed that the government has to enforce shut down in many areas. A lot of people from all around the world are affected due to the virus and the death toll has risen to more than seven thousand.

This is a tough time for the world, and everyone is joining hands to fight this together. Google’s parent company Alphabet has also made an initiative for the same. Experts are trying their best to slow down the spread of the pandemic. They have launched a website for coronavirus screening. Users can sign in the website using their Google accounts and use it for their help.

Though the launch did not go as per their expectations but they are still trying the best. The website was released in San Francisco on a Sunday night, a bit earlier than it was expected. Alphabet’s Verily made it clear that as of now, the website is only available for the bay areas. If it works well, it will be expanded all over the world.

Verily is working with 1,700 engineers for this plan. They are aiming at providing healthcare to the world and increasing the availability of health kits. The Google coronavirus screening website went live one day before its fixed release date. And people are now expecting it to help them fight the virus. It is a situation of panic all around the world. Amid this situation, it is very good to know that such a tool is being developed by the company.

The complete news

It all started with Trump revealing it to the public on Friday that Alphabet’s Verily is working on such a website. In a press conference, Trump said that Google is building the tool for coronavirus screening. Later in the evening, an announcement was made making it clear that Google is not working with the government to build up any such tool, instead, it is Verily, Google’s parent company Alphabet’s subsidiary, who will work on making this.

Along with this, Google tweeted that they are making a website for the nation that will contain all the information about coronavirus. This website will include all the necessary details and information about the pandemic. Also, it will carry information about the precautionary measures that need to be taken in this situation.

Google website for coronavirus testing - Project Baseline

Google also mentioned in its tweets that Verily has just started to work on the project and are at the very early stages of development. They said that it will be launched in the bay area first and will be tested there. –

The coronavirus screening website

The website has already been launched in San Francisco on Sunday. It was launched by Verily, a subsidiary of Google’s parent company Alphabet. The Google coronavirus screening website aims at providing help to the people who think that they might be affected by the virus.

It cannot test the virus thoroughly but can help the people to determine the virus to some extent. It aims at prompting people to answer some questions related to the virus and their health conditions, which will help them analyse the user’s health condition. On the basis of this, they will provide information to the users whether they are fit or they need a medical check-up.

Along with this, Verily said that if a person feels sick, or experiences any symptoms of the virus, then they must visit a doctor. The website won’t help in that case. They said that if you have flu-like symptoms, you must seek medical care, and not turn up to the website.

It was also assured by Verily that whatever data the Google website for coronavirus testing receives, will be kept safe in an encrypted database. This will avoid any interference and the data will be restricted. Though the data will be shared with the medical authorities.


With the COVID- 19 cases reaching more than 1,60,000 people, it is very important to be safe. If this website works properly, it will turn out to be of great help to many people. This initiative by Verily is a great move and people hope for the best. And we look forward to the Google website for coronavirus testing.

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